Is Eyelid Spray Swollen Or Not? Research

Is Eyelid Spray Swollen Or Not?

|Question – Answer| Is Eyelid Spray Swollen Or Not?

Spraying swollen eyelids: causes and remedies
Spraying swollen eyelids: causes and remedies

To have a sharp eyelid contour and save beauty time, many women have chosen the eyelid spray method. However, touching the sensitive skin of the eyelids, many of you feel confused about whether the spray will be swollen, painful or not?

Today, Miss Tram will answer you about this case!

Currently, for the eyelid spray technique, Miss Tram is applying the micro-touch spray method, which is completely non-invasive or skin damage when doing, the eyelid line goes smoothly as soon as it's done, no time consuming. rest or abstain from food.

Only 01 case, outsiders see that your eyes are "a little heavy" is when you choose to make thick eyelids and this phenomenon also quickly disappears without the use of drugs. (Mode Guide eyelid care after spraying best you should know).

But Miss Tram also goes over a few cases you may encounter if you choose to spray eyelids at some unreliable beauty establishments:

  • The technician performing is weak – if the hand is not sure or the technique is not accurate, it will easily cause damage to the skin (dermis), thereby causing swelling of the eyelids after the procedure.
  • Tattoo ink Quality is not guaranteed – the ink contains many ingredients that irritate the skin, which will also cause swelling after eyelid spraying. And can bloom green, red after a period of beauty.
  • Eyelid spray tools are not cleaned according to safety standards.

At Miss Tram eyelid spray is always performed by a team of experienced technicians, skilled with modern methods, equipment and ink with 100% herbal ingredients - no skin irritation, no scarring. blue, red later, will definitely make you satisfied.

With the information just shared, Miss Tram hopes that you will have more knowledge to make a reasonable choice when you have a need to beautify your eyelids.

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