How to spray swollen eyelids?

Spraying Swollen Eyelids What To Do

Instructions for Safest Treatment When Spraying Swollen Eyelids

Spray eyelid is a new form of aesthetics, bringing beauty to the eyes with sharp eyelid lines anytime, anywhere without having to spend a lot of time applying makeup with the usual method of eyeliner. With the convenience and effectiveness of eyelid spraying, this method is very popular with women. However, after eyelid spraying, many women experience swelling, causing anxiety for those who want to beautify with this method. So when What to do with swollen eyelids?? What is the cause of this situation?

Spraying swollen eyelids to do?
The safest and most effective way to treat swollen eyelids

Causes of swollen eyelids when spraying

When performing eyelid spraying, the technician will use a tattoo device with a micro-needle tip, impacting the dermis to bring tattoo ink into the skin. This process requires highly skilled operators and many years of experience. If the inexperienced technician applies too deeply or the technique is not accurate, it will easily cause damage to the dermis, thereby causing eyelid swelling after doing.

The condition of swollen eyelids also depends on the location of each person. Some people have a lot, some people have little. However, localized swelling is usually just a normal response of the body. After 4-5 days, the swelling should be gone.

Causes of eyelid spray
Causes of eyelid spray

In addition, tattoo ink is not of good quality, contains many ingredients that cause skin irritation, which is also a cause of swelling after eyelid spraying. Therefore, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center recommends that before performing any cosmetic method, you should learn carefully to choose a facility with the best quality. (Read more about Beautiful and safe eyelid spray address, professional in HCMC).

Spraying swollen eyelids to do?

What to do when eyelid swelling?
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The skin around the eyelids is very sensitive, after eyelid spraying, if you want to limit swelling, eyelid care is very important. Although it is not complicated, you need to follow the instructions of experts to avoid possible unfortunate cases such as infection, smudged ink color, and the results do not last long. In order for your eyes to heal and quickly stabilize, you need to note a few things to reduce swelling for your eyes:

  • Do not let the eyes come into contact with daily water, should clean the eyes with physiological saline.
  • Do not rub your eyes with your hands in the first few days because it is easy to make the skin around the eyelids susceptible to infection.
  • Only use topical or oral anti-inflammatory drugs, swelling under the guidance of experts, absolutely do not arbitrarily use because it can cause unwanted side effects.
  • Limit excessive exposure to electronic devices such as phones, televisions, computers. For those of you who have a habit of reading books, you should also limit them during this period.
  • When going out, you should pay attention to protect your eyes from the effects of the external environment such as dust, sunlight.
  • Follow a reasonable diet, limit eating sticky foods, eggs, chicken, beef, stimulant drinks.
  • Rest science, let your eyes be the best relaxation.
Some tips to help reduce swelling for the eyes
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Hopefully, through the above sharing, you have given yourself certain knowledge about swelling after eyelid spraying. It can be seen that this situation can be greatly reduced if you perform it at a qualified cosmetic center with a team of highly skilled professionals. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center With more than 10 years of experience in the field of cosmetology, gathering a team of knowledgeable, dedicated and advanced technology experts will be a completely reliable address for women when coming to the beauty center.

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