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Eyelid Spray How Long Is Beautiful?

With today's modern beauty technology, eyelid spray is no longer a strange concept to women. This is a simple, low-cost beauty method that helps the eyes to be rounder, sharper and much more attractive. In particular, eyelid spraying is also an effective way to improve defects such as monolids, small eyes, and pale eyelids. So How long does it take to spray eyelids?? And how long does the color last? Let's find out through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Eyelid Spray How Long Is Beautiful?

1. Factors affecting the time to peel off the ink layer on the eyelids

Factors affecting how long it takes to spray eyelids
Today's beautiful, safe and modern eyelid spray technology

After tattooing, you need to take special care of your eyelids and wait for the ink to peel off. In addition to each person's location, the following factors also contribute to how quickly or slowly the ink layer peels off:

Modern eyelid spray technology

Tattoo spray technology Modern with micro needle tip will cause less harm to the skin and help the eyelids to have the most standard color. Since then, the recovery and peeling process of the ink layer is also shortened.

In particular, high technology also automatically adjusts the appropriate amount of ink and supports the technician to accurately needle and adjust the eyelid shape more naturally. (Refer diet after eyelid spray the most standard for the eyelids to stay beautiful over time).

Technician qualification

Technician level is one of the most important factors determining the time to peel off inkjet ink.

If the technician does not use the needle evenly, too strong or too light, it will damage the eyelid margin, the ink is easily spilled red and blue and the tattoo spray results are not the most perfect.

eyelid spray techniques
Beautiful standard eyelid spray process

Not to mention, inexperienced technicians will numb the area, use the needle incorrectly, causing pain and swelling in the eyelid area after spraying. Since then, the eyelids need a lot of time to recover and peel off the ink layer.

Inkjet quality

The quality of inkjet ink directly affects the peeling time of the ink layer, color fastness and beautiful color. If using high-quality ink, natural ink will ensure safety for health and high color fastness. Besides, the ink layer is also quickly peeled off and up to the best standard color.

Eyelid spray process

learn the process of eyelid spraying
The steps to apply eyelid spray are applied at prestigious spas

At reputable cosmetic facilities, the eyelid spraying process is performed according to the standards from: Steps of examination, customer consultation, hygiene, anesthetic incubation until checking results and guiding customers to care for eyelids after spraying. Spraying the eyelids according to the correct procedure will avoid swelling, pain, help the eyelids quickly recover and peel.

Post-spray care mode

After completing eyelid spraying, the technicians will have instructions Eyelid care, the diet how to get the most perfect results. If you take care of your eyelids properly, the ink layer on your eyelids will quickly peel off. (Is eyelid spray old?? - Find answers from leading beauty experts.

2. Notes after eyelid spray

The eyelid spraying process takes place very quickly, but the time to wait for the ink color to peel off can be long. During this time, you need to take care of your eyelids carefully to ensure that the ink color is up to the standard and most durable:

Apply ointment after spraying eyelids
Eyelid spraying requires a skilled KTV, done carefully
  • After the eyelid spray procedure, your eyes may be slightly swollen and slightly red – this is a very normal phenomenon and will go away quickly. To ease the swelling and shorten the time it takes for the ink to peel off, you'll need to apply ointment/vaseline regularly (most technicians will have it ready for you).
  • Absolutely do not let water get into the eyelid area just sprayed, including crying.
  • Do not have a strong impact on the eyelid margin after spraying such as rubbing eyes, eyeliner, attaching false eyelashes ...
  • Limit your eyes to work through a lot such as reading books, using electronic devices.
  • Increase the intake of vitamin-rich foods from fresh vegetables and fruits to make the recovery process take place quickly.
  • Limit foods that are easy to irritate, cause swelling for a long time and do not have the desired color such as beef, glutinous rice, chicken, seafood, water spinach and stimulants.

3. So how long does it take to peel off the ink layer?

Like Miss Tram VietNam introduced, there are many factors that affect the time to peel off the ink layer after tattooing. If your eyelid spraying process is done by a highly skilled technician and with modern tattoo spray technology, It only takes 3-7 days for the ink layer to peel off. This period will be shorter if your body is good and has the right and appropriate care regimen.

How long does it take to spray eyelids?
There is a proper eyelid care regimen after spraying

One note is that you should let the ink layer peel off naturally, do not remove or pull the ink layer to avoid affecting the eyelid area.

After peeling off the ink layer, you still need to take care of the eyelid area with care and should not have strong impacts. Because within 1 month after peeling, the ink color will be the best standard color. Limit things like mascara, eyelash care, eye rubbing to keep the eyelash area the most stable.

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4. How long does eyelid spray keep?

Like other tattooing methods, Eyelid color retention time will last from 3-5 years and it's up to you whether you choose a quality eyelid spray facility or not. Because factors such as technology, technician's skill, ink color quality, tattoo spraying process and post-injection warranty will largely affect ink color durability.

Therefore, to have a beautiful standard eyelid, choosing a reputable tattoo spray address and an extremely necessary thing. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Confident is a beauty center possessing all the necessary requirements from technology to people, ensuring to bring you the most beautiful eyelid shape with prolonged color retention time. In particular, Miss Tram has many methods of eyelid spraying, suitable for each eye shape and beauty needs of each customer.

Hope this article will help you better understand about eyelid tattoo spray. Wish you always have such beautiful eyes!

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