Where is it safe to spray Korean Powdered Eyebrow?

What is Korean Powder Eyebrow Spray? Beauty Salon Specializing in Eyebrow Spraying Prestigious Korean Powder in HCM

Where is it safe to spray Korean Powdered Eyebrow?

The attractiveness of a woman is not only in the form, but a look from the seductive eyes with slender, harmonious eyebrows adorned will be able to make anyone's heart flutter. But how do we sisters have the right and most suitable eyebrows for us? Korean powder eyebrow spray technique at Miss Tram - Natural BauteMedical Center With perfect quality, it will help women own a beautiful natural eyebrow without spending too much time on makeup.

Where is it safe to spray Korean Powdered Eyebrow?

What is Korean powder eyebrow spray?

Spray eyebrow powder Korean
What is Korean powder eyebrow spray?

Powder eyebrow spray technique comes from Korea, a country famous for its cosmetic industry in the world. This method uses a sprayer with micro-needle heads that sprays the shape slowly and steadily onto the eyebrows. After spraying about 80% complete eyebrow shaping, the technician will use super-fine powder ink, massage many times on the eyebrows to incubate the color, help penetrate quickly, create a natural and soft eyebrow shape.

When should the Korean powder eyebrow spray method be performed?

Korean powder eyebrow spray results
Beautiful eyebrow spray image

With this new method, you can create any eyebrow shape and color suitable for all ages, skin tones and faces. Besides, powder eyebrow spray Korea is also suitable for many people with different needs such as "lazy" makeup girls; have done eyebrows but not really satisfied; eyebrows are light and not bold; Those of you who want to have eyebrows that match your hair color or change the shape of your eyebrows according to your own personality.

Outstanding strengths of Korean powder eyebrow spray

Korean powder eyebrow spray
Experts are modeling eyebrows

The great advantage of this method is that it does not cause pain, discomfort during the procedure. In particular, you will no longer worry about bold lines like in other methods, instead, a fine powder layer is covered to create an elegant look for the eyebrows. Powder spraying is considered to have more realistic colors, and long-lasting eyebrows do not deform or change color. 

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At Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, experts and skilled technicians are always committed to bringing the perfect result, you do it completely without leaving scars or cosmetic traces. Besides, we also focus on the quality of powder and ink colors. All are 100% imported from the US with the advantage of super grip, completely extracted from nature, very friendly to the human body. Moreover, the ink color at Miss Tram is very diverse, suitable for your skin color, hair color, creating the most natural beauty for the eyebrows, as well as the harmony on the overall face.

How is the process of applying powdered eyebrow spray method?

Before doing eyebrow spray, at prestigious centers like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, you will be carefully consulted by experts, choosing the eyebrow shape and color of the eyebrow that best suits your face. After that, you will be trained by highly skilled professionals to shape your eyebrows and perform hygiene and numbing measures.

Korean powder eyebrow spray
Korean powder eyebrow technique

Next, the specialist will use specialized equipment to spray eyebrow embroidery according to the designed pattern, this operation requires ingenuity and accuracy to each millimeter. The micro-injector tip is very small, almost only affecting the epidermis of the skin at a depth of no more than 0,2mm, so it does not cause pain and swelling like traditional eyebrow tattoo methods. When you're done, you can return to your normal work without any need for convalescence or abstinence from eating too much. View more posts The experience of spraying eyebrows with natural beauty powder.

Korean powder eyebrow spray is a "hot" cosmetic method today. It helps girls to own a very personality and attractive eyebrows, thereby enhancing the seductive beauty of women even more. However, to avoid the situation that after applying eyebrow powder, the color is not as desired, easy to fade in a short time, you should go to the centers that have been confirmed in terms of prestige and quality. .

And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center always welcome you to come to consult, chat, accompany you towards the desired beauty in the most solid way.

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