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Powder Spray Technology For Natural Eyebrow Tip

What if you like the powder coating technology but don't want your head to be square because it looks bad?


Hello Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, I am 26 years old this year, my eyebrows have been made for 3 years and are not very bold. I like to spray you powder but don't want your head to be square because it looks bad, what should I do? Hope Miss Tram can advise me!

(Thanh Huong – HCMC)

Find out what are the advantages of powder eyebrow spray technology?
Powder eyebrow spray technology


Hello Huong, in case the eyebrows have been done and sprayed again, it is quite simple because the specialist will process the old ink color and then spray the new ink. However, as Huong also learned, Spraying eyebrows from head to toe will often be unnatural at the beginning of the eyebrow.

Present, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center has applied the Queen's powder coating technology to meet Huong's wishes. With 10 years of experience in the cosmetology and beauty industry, you can be assured of owning new eyebrows that are both natural, not square on the head, and sharp and youthful with fine powdered ink quality.

What is powdered eyebrow spray?
What is powdered eyebrow spray?

Capturing the modern aesthetic trend, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center has successfully transferred and applied the Korean powder eyebrow embroidery technique. In particular, with the quality of Queen ink with 100% exclusive herbal extract imported directly from the US, it will help you own eyebrows that are not only elegant but also smooth as natural as you are making-up. lightly.

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Outstanding advantages of eyebrow spray method:

  • Does not cause swelling or pain, leaving scars with small needles, high speed sprayer and needles only glide gently on the skin.
  • Eyebrows after spraying will be softer, more elegant and smoother than previous tattooing technologies.                                   
  • Suitable for those of you who have to regularly make-up because of its youthful sharpness, especially this method makes it easy to change the color to suit your hair color.
  • The color fastness time is long, usually ranging from 1-5 years depending on the quality of inkjet ink.

Powder Spray Technology For Natural Eyebrows Reference

Things to note when spraying eyebrow powder:

  • To own a pair of beautiful eyebrows, you must find the right reputable eyebrow spray address to perform. At the same time, a highly skilled professional is also one of the important factors determining whether your cosmetic results are successful or not.
  • Only suitable for those of you who often wear makeup, love sharp eyebrow frames.
  • Those of you who have sparse, pale eyebrows or have done it before but are not satisfied, then spraying powdered eyebrows will have a rough feeling and lack of harmony on the face.
  • It takes about 45-120 minutes to make
  • The cost of powder eyebrow spray ranges from 1.000.000 to 3.000.000 VND

Powder Spray Technology For Natural Eyebrows Reference

The process of spraying eyebrow powder at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

Step 1: Examination and consultation

You will be directly examined the condition of your eyebrows by the doctor. Then listen to your wishes and advise on the shape and color of your face as you desire.

Step 2: Shaping eyebrows to suit your face

The highly skilled professionals at Miss Tram will conduct eyebrow shaping according to the proportions of the face, whereby you will give suggestions to get the best eyebrow shape.

Step 3: Hygiene and anesthesia

Professionals conduct eyebrow cleaning and herbal anesthesia to help you feel the most comfortable and painless during the procedure without feeling any pain or swelling.

Step 4: Proceed to spray embroidery and spread powder

Finally, the specialist uses specialized equipment to spray eyebrow embroidery according to the pattern just designed, this operation requires ingenuity and accuracy to each millimeter. The micro injector head only affects the epidermis of the skin at a depth of no more than 0,2mm, so it does not cause pain and swelling like traditional eyebrow tattoo methods.

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All factors such as technology, ink color, professional experience and each person's location directly affect the ability to color after spraying powdered eyebrows. So, through this article, hopefully not only Huong but those of you who are looking to learn about powdered eyebrow spray will have more useful information about this beauty method!

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