Feng Shui Eyebrows - Horoscope Changes Destiny [year] Finally

Feng Shui Eyebrows - Horoscope to Change Destiny 2023

Feng Shui Eyebrow Tattooing 2023 - Numbers change destiny

What are feng shui eyebrows? What is the meaning of feng shui eyebrows in physiognomy? Which feng shui eyebrow shapes are suitable? Every facial feature has a great influence on a person's fate (physiology). Special eyesbrown be considered "rules" for the whole face.

Therefore, choosing a pose feng shui eyebrows fit the face, one Reputable address for feng shui eyebrows in 2023 will help you gain wealth, prosperity, and fulfillment in many aspects of life. According to feng shui physiognomy, there are approx 23 types of eyebrows Depending on the face, each eyebrow shape has its own meaning.

feng shui eyebrow spray
Feng shui eyebrows

1 What are feng shui eyebrows?

According to anthropology, feng shui eyebrows aka eyebrow spells is based on the shape of the eyebrows to identify the area and fate of the owner.

There are many names according to feng shui eyebrows such as: Duong My Kiem Export Sao (Eyebrows like a sword pulled out of a scabbard), My Phi Sac Vu (Eyebrows like dancing), Kiem My Enter Man (Eyebrows like swords pierced sideburns)…

There won't be rich eyebrows or rich eyebrows for all faces, and each face needs one eyebrow shape unique, suitable and harmonious with each person's face.

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A feng shui eyebrow must have:

  • Shape to suit each face
  • Eyebrow color suitable for skin color, hair color
  • Eyebrows grow towards the back of the eye
  • Has a reasonable length, does not grow messy
  • The width of the eyebrows should be even with moderate curvature
  • In particular, the eyebrows must be like that, with a sharp shape, clearly showing prosperity and fortune.
What is feng shui eyebrows?
What is feng shui eyebrows?

2 Some eyebrow shapes suitable for feng shui and horoscope 2023

  • Long, raised eyebrows on the forehead rich and successful.
  • Smooth eyebrows, hairs grow down and have more moles on the eyebrows is a person who has the ability to be a leader.
  • Black, fresh and smooth eyebrows, long glossy strands, equal to or longer than the eyes are a person with an open career path.
  • Eyebrows with tails that grow up above the temples are talented people, respected by everyone.
  • Arc-shaped eyebrows are easy to achieve if you are a diplomat, adding bright eyes is easy to become a celebrity.

If you own one of the above eyebrow shapes, rest assured because you have a rich and happy number!

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3 Instructions for spraying and tattooing feng shui eyebrows in 2023 for each face

When you decide to go feng shui eyebrow spray, you need to consider the type eyebrow shape according to feng shui number, eyebrows have about 23 different styles with their own meanings. However, about the good and rich feng shui eyebrow mold, there are 8 typical designs below:

1. Oval face

With this face, to choose eyebrow feng shui, we prioritize the shape of the bow, straight, soft triangle, etc. In addition, to respect the contours of the face, you should choose a curved eyebrow and less angular.

2. Heart face

With this face shape, you don't need to be fussy, but just shape your eyebrows according to the shape of the eyebrow bone with the tail not too thin to help make the face ratio neat and sweeter.

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3. Square face

The feng shui eyebrows of square faces should be prioritized to choose bow eyebrows or soft triangle eyebrows, because these eyebrow shapes will reduce angular lines on a square face. You should especially pay attention not to make the top of the eyebrows not too high because they will make the face more square.

Feng shui eyebrows suit the face
How to choose the right eyebrows for your face

4. Long face

The long face goes well with the eyebrows extending slightly past the eyes to create an arch shape with the low top of the eyebrows. This style will make the face much softer. You should avoid horizontal, bushy eyebrows because then the face will be dark and untidy.

5. Round face

The purpose of eyebrows for a round face is to elongate the face. Therefore, make-up artists recommend that you keep your eyebrows arched but still have a sharp crease from the middle of the eyebrow down to the tail. This shaping will help you create angular up-and-down strokes to make your face less full and feel slimmer.

6. Diamond face

To soften the face, the slightly curved eyebrow shape, slightly pressing at the tail of the eyebrow will help you own the beauty you want. In addition, thicker eyebrows also help you focus the gaze of the other person and "reduce" the width of the upper part of the face.

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7. Faces with eyebrows close together

Instead of styling the eyebrows as usual, you should pay attention to shaping the eyebrows straight with the corners of the eyes in an arched style to increase the brightness of the appearance, and at the same time overcome the disadvantage of the eyes being too close together.

8. Face with eyes that are far apart

For this type of face, you need to shape the eyebrows starting near the bridge of the nose to shorten the distance between the eyes, creating balance and harmony for the face. In addition, eyebrows should be trimmed gradually in the shape of a bow, extending to the tail of the eye to increase the softness of the face.

feng shui eyebrow spray
Pictures of beautiful, feng shui eyebrows

In feng shui, numerology, eyebrows have a very important position because "Precious problems are in you, fortune is in you, happiness is in you". Eyebrow shape has the ability to express character, which is very important for a person's predestined and career.

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Currently, there are many beauty facilities that perform eyebrow shaping. However, if you do not choose a reputable and quality establishment, you will fall into the case of doing break the eyebrow. Therefore, before going to shape eyebrows in accordance with feng shui, generals, you should choose the right beauty facility and experienced technicians, have a delicate aesthetic, and are knowledgeable about generals.


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  1. Duong Ninh Thuy says:

    Hey, sister,
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    • CEO - Master Dong Bao Tram says:

      Hi Thuy,
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      + Korean horizontal eyebrows
      + New moon eyebrows
      + Eyebrows blade
      + Thai style eyebrows
      Above are eyebrow styles for long faces of women, by the way, I also send some eyebrow shapes for men with long faces:
      + Thick eyebrows, deep eyebrows
      + Blade eyebrows
      + Lion eyebrows
      + Dragon eyebrows

      This is a sharing based on my question, about which form is suitable for my long face, which combination is the most beautiful, you need to meet directly for a more in-depth and detailed consultation.

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