Really Beautiful Standard Eyebrow Spraying Technology

Eyebrow Spraying Technology, Beautiful Standard Yarn

Eyebrow Spraying - For Beautiful Eyebrows at Every Angle

Stop worrying about the stiff, dark, rough eyebrows of the old eyebrow tattoo technology, because modern eyebrow spraying technologies such as eyebrow threading will help you completely overcome these disadvantages. Method yarn spray will give you a perfect and naturally beautiful eyebrows, you can rest assured when "upgrading" your eyebrows.

eyebrow spray method and its advantages
Newly sprayed eyebrow image

If you own:

  • The eyebrows are short, pale or too sparse
  • The eyebrows are rough, big and hard
  • The eyebrows are not in shape, not suitable for the face
  • Or have you ever sprayed color but your eyebrows are unnatural and not as desired?

Then the technology of spraying yarn at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is the perfect choice for you.

1. Correct understanding of the eyebrows

Eyebrow threading is a new Korean tattooing technology, using a specialized pen to pluck each thin and smooth, soft strand alternately into the open and lacking areas of the eyebrows.

Each eyebrow is created according to the natural curvature of the real eyebrow with a slightly large head, a small middle part and a sharp, curved tail that gives you extremely natural, delicate and youthful eyebrows. not as rough as the old tattoo spray technology. If you are not knowledgeable about tattoo spray It will be very difficult to know if you have ever sprayed eyebrows.

Spray eyebrows with yarn
What is eyebrow spray?

This is a form of semi-permanent makeup, bringing an even and beautiful eyebrow without having to spend time trimming every day, so many women love to use it. However, the price of eyebrow threading is somewhat high. than other forms of eyebrow spray and currently in Vietnam very few cosmetic centers can provide this service.

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2. Why should you spray your eyebrows with yarn at Miss Tram

If it comes to eyebrow spray, you can't help but mention Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. This is one of the few cosmetic tattooing facilities that regularly access new technologies, possessing many outstanding advantages that are hard to match with any other cosmetic center.

+ Modern tattoo spray technology

Miss Tram owns many advanced tattooing technologies such as silk spray, super fine powder or fiber, giving you sharp, delicate, rich and attractive eyebrows. When spraying, we use an ultra-thin pen tip that only affects the skin from 0,2 -0,3 mm, so it is completely harmless to the skin. After spraying the skin, there will be no pain or swelling, no need to rest for many days like the old eyebrow tattoo technology.

+ Quality inkjet

The ink spray at Miss Tram is the ink imported from Korea, Germany, and the US that meets the ability to color naturally, does not fade, does not bloom red, maintain long-lasting results. In addition, this is also an ink of natural origin, extremely safe for human health, so customers can rest assured when using.

+ Experienced KTV

KTV at Miss Tram are all highly skilled people with long experience in the profession, ensuring the correct needle technique, gentle implementation, no pain, no swelling. The implementation of eyebrow spray with the correct spraying process, quick implementation time, helps you own a beautiful eyebrow right after spraying and ensures long-term maintenance of results.

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3. Instructions for care after spraying

eyebrow care after spraying
Add foods rich in green vegetables, limit seafood, beef, water spinach, and sticky rice.

For beautiful eyebrows and standard color, after spraying eyebrows, you need to pay attention to follow some of the following requirements:

  • After spraying embroidery, eyebrows need to be kept dry, avoiding contact with water for the first 3 days.
  • For the first week, you should stay away from cleansers and cosmetics
  • Do not expose the embroidery spray area to direct sunlight
  • Do not let the skin come into contact with dirt, dust, pollution
  • You absolutely do not scratch or strongly impact the newly sprayed skin.
  • Let your eyebrows scab naturally, absolutely do not use your hands to peel
  • Abstain from foods that can cause swelling and keloids such as seafood, beef, water spinach, sticky foods
  • Limit the use of stimulants such as alcohol, beer, coffee

Eyebrow embroidery at poor quality facilities can lead to many unpredictable dangers such as: damaged skin, infection and the risk of dangerous diseases including HIV/AIDS. Therefore, you should choose reputable spraying facilities such as Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center To own a perfect eyebrow that is absolutely safe.

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