Where is the best place to spray eyebrows in Ho Chi Minh City Viewpoints

Where is the best place to spray eyebrows in Ho Chi Minh City

With advanced technology, experienced professionals and modern equipment, Miss Tram Beauty Salon (Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center) confidently introduce to customers the service eyebrow spray most natural beauty. Coming to Miss Tram, you will be consulted dedicatedly to adjust your eyebrow shape aesthetically and well according to anthropology. Believe that, after you are done, you will be extremely satisfied when your face becomes more prominent and harmonious.

The Most Beautiful and Safest Eyebrow Spray Address in Ho Chi Minh City

Why is eyebrow spray so popular?

Where is the best place to spray eyebrows in HCMC?
Spray eyebrows to help bright and youthful face

Eyebrow spraying is a technique developed based on traditional tattooing. The reason it has been popular since its appearance is due to many outstanding advantages:

  • Spraying uses a smart needle tip that acts slowly, evenly and gently on the skin to bring ink in, while tattooing dips the needle through the tattoo ink and then pierces the skin to tattoo directly on the skin.
  • Spraying eyebrows has an almost absolute safety index, does not cause pain, damage that is difficult to heal like a tattoo
  • The person who sprayed his eyebrows does not need to rest, abstain from eating and drinking
  • Ink color is suitable for many different skin and hair colors
  • And importantly, this method brings a much more elegant beauty to the eyebrows. Natural, soft lines help the face add more emphasis and look younger.

Because of these reasons, almost today when beautifying the eyebrows, women have prioritized this technology. Of course, besides eyebrow spraying, we still have new and more modern technologies, but in terms of cost and suitability, eyebrow spray still won the hearts of many women. (Refer to more technology eyebrow spray is a HOT trend right now).

If you want to spray beautiful eyebrows, come to Miss Tram right away

The procedure of eyebrow spray at Miss Tram
The procedure of eyebrow spray at Miss Tram

Miss Tram is one of the most popular cosmetic centers about eyebrow spray technique in Ho Chi Minh City. Most customers when using the service here are satisfied with the results they want. In order to bring to our beloved customers the most natural, harmonious and graceful beauty, Miss Tram's team is constantly learning and improving their skills so that every step in the process must be the most professional and accurate. .

Eyebrow spray methods at Miss Tram

  • Regular eyebrow spray: Use a small needle to gently glide the micro-touch on the skin so there is absolutely no swelling or pain. The eyebrows after spraying are smoother, softer and more elegant than the traditional tattoo.
  • Spray silk granulation: The needles will be followed in the form of fibers to make the natural eyebrow hairs and the spray fibers harmonize, the ink color with the eyebrow color. This spray helps the eyebrows to be naturally beautiful and softer than normal spray.
  • Powder spraying: Using super-fine herbal powder, massage several times on the eyebrows that have been shaped about 80% before to incubate the color, help absorb quickly, create a natural and soft eyebrow shape.

Spray eyebrows at Miss Tram It takes from 45 - 120 minutes depending on the technique and condition of the customer's eyebrows. Before proceeding, you will meet Miss Tram's experts for advice on choosing the technology and sketching the eyebrow shape that best suits your face. If other places passively follow the customer's wishes, Miss Tram actively consults and helps her customers find the most suitable solution, not hard to follow the trend, because it is not sure whether the hairstyle is good or not. This spray technique is suitable for the customer. (Learn new makeup trends: Thai style eyebrows is storming with women).

  • You are done with natural beauty, serenity and harmony with each person's face
  • Advanced equipment, meeting the strict regulations of the Ministry of Health
  • Professionals, highly skilled professionals directly implement it, not students or novices
  • Tattoo ink Imported from the US, committed to not contain iron oxide, lead or other metals. The ink's durability is high, the color is suitable for many skin and hair colors
  • Get 1 year free unlimited miles

Eyebrow Tattoo Procedure at MissTram Spa

It is the dedication and professionalism that has helped Miss Tram receive the love and trust of customers across the country. Every year Miss Tram welcomes thousands of customers to beautify their eyebrows and almost all of them leave with absolute satisfaction.

To receive dedicated advice from the experts of Miss Tram If you want to do it, you can contact us at the following address:

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