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Why Is Natural Horizontal Eyebrow Spray Popular Again?

Born a few years ago, horizontal eyebrows has become a typical symbol of Korean doors as well as "storming" in many parts of the world. Today, though many eyebrow trend newly born but horizontal eyebrows still have not lost their charm, loved by many people, especially young people. In this article, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Join you to learn more about the natural horizontal eyebrow spray trend, and why this trend is so popular.

horizontal eyebrows
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Why Spraying Natural Horizontal Eyebrows Is Popular 

First, we need to understand what natural horizontal eyebrows are? Horizontal eyebrow is understood as the type of eyebrow that is pulled straight from the top of the eye to the end of the eye to form a horizontal line. This eyebrow style has almost no curve, the tail of the eyebrow can be swept, horizontal or diagonal compared to the eye tail for customers to choose.

Unlike other beauty methods, horizontal eyebrows tend to be natural, eyebrows are no longer bold and sharp, but become minimalist and pale. At the same time, this natural eyebrow style often uses the method of waving fibers like real eyebrows, highlighting the eyebrows, creating a feeling of "spraying but not spraying", bringing softness and elegance to the face.

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The reason natural horizontal eyebrows are loved by so many people is because it possesses many outstanding advantages. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Let's take a look at some of your advantages as follows:

1 Fits many faces

Whether you have an oval face, a long face or a round face, horizontal eyebrows are suitable for you. To bring the most harmony to the face, you can change the horizontal eyebrow by changing the horizontal level as well as having a slight variation in the curvature to suit each face.

2 Suitable for many styles

If you think that you are only suitable for people with personality, you are wrong. Whether you have long hair or short hair, whether you have long bangs or sparse bangs, whether you like heavy makeup or light makeup, whether you are a personality girl or a genuine "banh beo", horizontal eyebrows are enough. "please" you. It is rare for any eyebrow style to have the ability to transform into many styles such as horizontal eyebrows, bringing uniqueness and creating a unique impression for each person.

natural horizontal eyebrow spray
Horizontal eyebrows are suitable for many makeup styles

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3 Suitable for both men and women

Specially, horizontal eyebrows Nature is for both men and women. If horizontal eyebrows in women bring dynamism, youth and modernity, horizontal eyebrows in men help men become stronger and more masculine. Horizontal eyebrows for women are somewhat more elegant and gentle, while horizontal eyebrows in men are often large and not framed, mainly adding some thin fibers in places where the eyebrows are sparse and short to bring out the beauty of the eyebrows. as natural as possible.

natural horizontal eyebrow spray
Horizontal eyebrows are suitable for both men and women

4 Bring the impression, natural

In addition to bringing uniqueness, horizontal eyebrows pay special attention to natural elements, if you are not a person with a bit of knowledge about tattoo spray, it will be difficult to realize that this is an eyebrow that has undergone cosmetic intervention.

If you want to have natural eyebrows, you can usually only choose between eyebrow powder and 9D eyebrows. If you want to powder your eyebrows, you need to spread the powder very lightly, so that the eyebrows look as natural as possible. The most natural way to make horizontal eyebrows is 9D sculpting, or many people call it spray eyebrow threading.

Prestigious horizontal eyebrow spray address in HCM
Miss Tram – A prestigious horizontal eyebrow spray address in HCM

By using a specialized knife to meticulously carve each eyebrow according to the contours and shape of the real eyebrow with a slightly large head, a small middle part and a sharp tail to bring the most realistic possible. Only 9D sculpting is enough to create a natural eyebrow, and old tattooing methods such as 8D, 6D or 3D still have certain limitations, making the eyebrows still rough.

However, 9D sculpting is a relatively new technology and very few places have successfully transferred this technology. Horizontal eyebrows, if not done perfectly, can be counterproductive, will make its "owner" become old, evil and less aesthetic.

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If you want to spray your eyebrows horizontally, you should go to reputable tattoo shops like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. We are a reputable beauty center owning many modern spraying technologies such as silk-screening, super-fine powder eyebrow spray or 9D fiber spraying that will give you a perfect eyebrow, making you more radiant. and stand out.

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