Is Eyebrow Spray Really Safe Discover

Is Eyebrow Spray Really Safe

Eyebrow Spray, Eyebrow Tattoo, Eyebrow Sculpture… In general, are the methods to beautify the eyebrows safe or not? In terms of aesthetic factors, eyebrow spraying is a great beauty method, but whether this beauty affects health or not, this is still a problem that makes many people wonder.

In the article below, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Let's find out if spraying is really safe?

Is Eyebrow Spray Really Safe

Today, eyebrow spray has become a beauty method that is loved by many people, both men and women. This is a beauty method that uses an eyebrow sprayer with a micro-needle tip to put ink under the skin, forming "ink threads" to see real eyebrows, giving customers a beautiful and natural eyebrow. This needle only affects the epidermis, completely harmless to the skin, so you can rest assured about this problem.

After spraying, the eyebrow area is not painful, swollen or bleeding, nor does it need to be abstinent or rest much. With proper care, customers will soon have a perfect eyebrow, making the face more beautiful without having to spend time drawing eyebrows every day. (Refer Favorite eyebrow beauty method most currently).

A. Is spraying you completely harmless?

Beautiful eyebrow tattooing technology at Miss Tram
Beautiful eyebrow tattooing technology at Miss Tram

However, eyebrow spraying only achieves the above results if you choose a reputable eyebrow spray facility, and if you encounter a poor quality facility, the consequences will be very heavy. Some possible consequences are as follows:

1. Allergies, infections

If the tattoo sprayer is not thoroughly cleaned or the tattoo spray process is not guaranteed, the possibility of infection or allergy is very high. After spraying, this skin area may be itchy, festering and spreading. and cause deep infection if not treated promptly.

2. Leaving scars

Eyebrow tattooing helps the face to be more harmonious and balanced
Eyebrow tattooing helps the face to be more harmonious and balanced

If you have a big scar on your face, it's not good at all. But that can still happen if you spray eyebrows in unsafe facilities. Your skin can bleed, fester and form ugly scars, affecting facial aesthetics.

3. Risk of infectious diseases

This is really a matter of great concern because many diseases such as: Herpes, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, syphilis, etc. will be transmitted through tattoo spray if tools such as needles, tattoo nibs, etc. are not used. properly disinfected.

Not to mention the use of poor quality inkjet inks that contain Iron oxide and colorants. Although this ink is long-lasting, it is very harmful to health. They produce toxins that are harmful to the liver, lungs, immune system and can cause permanent sequelae to the fetus if the mother gets a tattoo during pregnancy.

B. How to spray eyebrows safely?

Implementation process, high KTV skills
Implementation process, high KTV skills

To spray eyebrows safely, the best way is to choose quality embroidery spraying facilities like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. This is a modern aesthetic embroidery spraying facility, with many outstanding advantages that not all aesthetic centers have. Some of the advantages can be listed as follows:

1. Modern embroidery spray method

The use of state-of-the-art equipment in embroidery will contribute to bringing out the most beautiful embroidery products and avoiding skin damage. Miss Tram is one of the few addresses that regularly updates the most modern embroidery methods in the world. (Learn about Spa male eyebrow sculpture the most beautiful and prestigious standard in Ho Chi Minh City).

2. Quality inkjet ink

Is eyebrow spray really safe?
Use quality tattoo ink

The ink spray at Miss Tram is high-grade ink imported directly from Korea and Germany, so it is completely safe for human health. (Refer to the Note when storing tattoo sprayer best for KTV Spa).

3. Good KTV

Miss Tram's KTVs are all highly skilled and experienced, will bring you the most beautiful embroidery products. At the same time, the correct embroidery spraying technique will also avoid hurting the skin, you do not need to worry about the skin being sore and bleeding after spraying.

4. Prestigious after-spray warranty

After spraying, you will be guided by Miss Tram on how to take care of your eyebrows to have a perfect eyebrow. Proper eyebrow care will avoid itching or infection and help you get the best color.

Is eyebrow spray really safe?
The leading prestigious eyebrow tattoo address in Ho Chi Minh City

With Miss Tram being beautiful is not enough, but also natural and safe. You can rest assured, we bring you beautiful eyebrows, make you more confident and outstanding without worrying about anything. Let Miss Tram Academy Accompany you on this beauty journey.

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