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Each face will fit a style eyesbrown different. The following article by Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center I will suggest you some eyebrow styles for round faces!

Modern injection techniques can help you own slender eyebrows, harmonious and natural lines. However, to be more perfect, we must definitely choose the eyebrow shape that suits our face. Because this is one of the prerequisites for making you successful in terms of aesthetics and fortune.

Tips For The Best Eyebrow Spray For Round Faces

Girls who own round face Looking at it, it is easy to create sympathy with the opposite person because of the benevolent, full look. In terms of structure, people with this face shape usually have arched forehead, cheekbones, chin and jawline, and a full face.

When going eyebrow spray, you will be consulted by experts on the right eyebrow shape for this face because if you are not smart, you can make the lines on your face rough and your flaws more obvious. In general, according to the experience of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, a round face is best suited to the following eyebrow shapes:

1. Slightly arched eyebrows

Slightly curved eyebrow shape
Slightly curved eyebrow shape

The slightly curved eyebrow shape merges with the round face, so there is a clear fold from the middle of the eyebrow to the tail. At that time, the facial proportions become more balanced, looking at us, we will see slim lines. Note that this eyebrow shape should not make the tail too long because it can make the face bigger.

2. Marked eyebrows ^

Like arched eyebrows, the eyebrows with the ^ mark help to cheat the length of the face effectively. As a result, the contours of the face will be more prominent, creating a bright and delicate look.

What type of eyebrow should be sprayed on a round face?
Marked eyebrow shape ^

3. lance-shaped eyebrows

With a large head, the tail is raised in the shape of a lance which is considered a "noble general". And this is the eyebrow shape that is quite suitable for those of you with a round face. The lance-shaped eyebrows both create an angle for the face and enhance the beauty of the personality of modern girls.

eyebrow pattern for round face
Eyebrows and tongues

4. Semicircular eyebrows

The semi-circular eyebrow is a popular Asian eyebrow shape because it helps the face exude auspiciousness and openness to the fortune line. If people with round faces choose this eyebrow shape, they will look more balanced and harmonious. (Technology Reference powder eyebrow spray Hottest today).

Some notes when going to spray eyebrows

Whether you have a round face or any other face shape, before tattooing, you must choose the right eyebrow shape. Please consult from friends, aesthetic people, and ask for advice from the KTV where your center works. With experience, they will help you make a more accurate choice.

You have a lot of influence on your facial features, even your fortune, so Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Note that you should not follow the trend. For example, if your face is too round, the Korean horizontal eyebrow style will not suit you no matter how hot it is.

eyebrow spray for round face
The process of tattooing and sculpting beautiful eyebrows at Miss Tram

Some other factors that play an important role in the match between the eyebrows and the face are the color choices. Eyebrow spray has many different tones such as black, dark brown, brown, moss brown, etc. Choose a color that is in harmony with your skin and hair color. Then we will become more prominent, more prominent.

If we want to have the perfect eyebrows that are both beautiful and natural and must be safe, we should go to reputable facilities, transfer modern technology, technical facilities and full equipment. enough. In addition, these places will help you feel more secure about the workmanship of the performer, so that you can be beautiful, avoid unnecessary damage. (Update eyebrow trend will disappear in the year you should know).

Some of the above shares of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center hope to have helped you gain more experience before spraying eyebrows. Hope you find a beautiful eyebrow shape that best suits your round face.

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