Spraying Red Eyebrows How to Discover

What To Do When Spraying Red Eyebrows?

Many of you have sent letters to Miss Tram VietNam expressed concern about the phenomenon red eyebrows after spraying. Actually, this is not a rare case when tattooing, but don't worry too much, because the condition of red eyebrows can be completely overcome. Please refer to the article below of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Learn more about the cause and how to handle this situation.

How to handle red eyebrows after spraying?
Red eyebrows after spraying: the cause and the safest way to handle it

Instructions on How to Handle When Spraying Red Poked Eyebrows

First of all, we need to know, eyebrow spray is a form of using a sprayer with a micro-needle to put an amount of ink under the skin. This amount of ink is brought down with sophisticated lines in the form of fibers, down to the tail of the eyebrow for a natural, lifelike eyebrow. Therefore, the color of the inkjet eyebrow depends a lot on the ink as well as the technology and level of the needle holder. And the case of red eyebrows is not a rare case. (Eyebrows are itchy after spraying why? Let's find out the causes of this phenomenon and the most effective treatment).

Why do you get red when spraying?

Red eyebrows are mainly due to the following reasons:

Because the ink is not good

Ink spray is an important factor determining the success of spray embroidery. If you use poor quality ink, it will make your eyebrows red, or pale, difficult to color. In addition, the floating inks are easy to cause you to be allergic, affect your health and the ink easily fades after a period of spraying.

The most dangerous is the ink containing iron oxide, this ink is very durable but easy to smudge and always leaves blue-gray or red-violet streaks on the skin, forever unable to fly away. Ink contains many toxic substances that will directly affect the liver, lungs, immune system and can cause permanent sequelae to the fetus if the mother gets a tattoo during pregnancy.

Too much browning

Beautiful eyebrow spray technology at Miss Tram
Beautiful eyebrow spray technology at Miss Tram

The ink mixing process also has a significant effect on reddening eyebrows. If the colorist gives more brown eyebrows than usual, red eyebrows are inevitable. While spraying eyebrows, the KTV needs to regularly stir the ink to avoid the ink settling, affecting the quality of embroidery.

Spray too lightly

And finally, it is the skill of the needle holder. If you spray too lightly, the ink only sticks to the skin, so the eyebrows can't eat the color and turn red.

To create a beautiful eyebrow, KTV skill is an important factor. The KTV must ensure that the handle is steady and that the needle tip is perpendicular to the surface of the skin, so that the skin is not hurt or damaged. When spraying, the force of the needle must be even, do not spray too quickly, it will make the ink color light or dark places, less aesthetic.

In addition, the KTV also needs to pay special attention to the depth of the needle.

  • When going to the frame, adjust the needle to 1mm long, the part of the needle that goes into the skin is about 0.5mm
  • When going to the inner part of the eyebrow: the needle penetrates the skin about 0.03mm

Because if you go too deep or too shallow, the eyebrows will not be up to the standard color, even completely not colored.

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Treatment of red eyebrows

eyebrow spray is red
There is a thorough examination and consultation process

If after spraying, your eyebrows are red, you should immediately contact Miss Tram to be examined, evaluated and given an appropriate solution by cosmetologists.

Depending on the degree of your redness, the KTV will have a suitable treatment. Usually there will be 2 cases as follows:

If you have a lot of red and dark color, the KTV will use ink that specializes in red treatment (with a slightly mossy base). KTV will first use a dark brown frame to sharpen it first, then use brown to treat dark red and finally spray a new color, usually dark brown.

If you have a little redness, KTV will use HS-3 color, which is a neutral color to return the skin to its original color for treatment. The method is similar to the above, which is to outline the frame first, then use HS-3 and finally spray a new color.

The process of eyebrow embroidery at Spa Miss Tram Spa
The process of eyebrow embroidery at Spa Miss Tram Spa

To minimize the situation of eyebrows being red, and get a satisfactory eyebrow, you should choose reputable eyebrow salons such as Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. This is one of the few aesthetic facilities possessing advanced beauty technologies, with modern equipment and a team of skilled KTVs.

Not only that, Miss Tram also has good, experienced and dedicated consultants who will help you eyebrow shaping with the right color, to make your face more elegant, suitable for destiny and make everything convenient and smooth.

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