Distinguishing Moisture & Water Supply in Summer Skin Care Insider

Distinguishing Moisture & Hydration In Summer Skin Care

During hot summer days, keeping skin moisture is very important. But do you know the difference between moisture and water supply not yet? This will help you choose the Skin care products it's suitable for me. Today's Post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share about the difference between moisture and water supply in skin care in the summer.

What is water supply?

With the hot and humid tropical climate and a lot of dirt in Vietnam, hydration is an extremely important skin care step, which is essential for all skin types. Without water, the skin will be dry, rough, dull and produce more excess oil.

If your skin is oily skin or oil-based blends Hydration for the skin is even more important. Many people think that oily skin does not need water, but in theory, the skin lacks water, so it produces more oil. Therefore, providing enough water for the skin is the most effective long-term oil control measure for those with oily or combination skin.

Differentiate between moisture and water supply
Without water, the skin will be dry, rough, dull and produce more excess oil

What is moisture level?

If the skin is adequately hydrated but lacks moisture, it is also very susceptible to dry skin. The cause is There is always a moisture film on your skin to prevent water loss, but this moisture layer is very thin and can be lost if you do not know how to take care of your skin properly. As a result, the skin will dry, peel, crack if not provided with enough moisture.

+ Hydrate from the inside to make dry skin smooth

For Dry skin or dry combinationSkin is always in a state of lack of moisture, lack of water and is very easy to peel and crack. So you should moisturize your skin at all times. Especially in the summer, the hot and humid climate of Vietnam will make the amount of water on your skin lose more.

Differentiate moisture and water supply
The skin will dry, peel, crack if not provided with enough moisture

How to distinguish moisturizing and hydrating skin care products?

Hydrating products are products with a large water content, usually in the form of gels, emulsions (emulsion/lotion), liquid or slightly viscous. Water-based products usually have the ability to penetrate the skin very quickly and do not cause stickiness. In addition, the products that provide water when applied to the skin have a cool feeling to bring refreshment to the face.

Water supply products
Water supply products

Meanwhile, moisturizing products are usually in the form of thick creams and have nourishing ingredients (dimethicone, mineral oil, lanolin, fatty acids, nourishing oils) mainly. Moisturizing products often penetrate the skin slowly, so right after using the cream you will feel a bit greasy, especially with oily skin.

Moisturizing products
Moisturizing products

A perfect skin care routine is to ensure that the skin is both hydrated and well-hydrated. Depending on the actual situation of the skin to consider the product and the appropriate amount. For dry skin, you should moisturize regularly. As for oily skin, in the summer, you can just apply moisturizer at night, during the day, you should use water-based products to make the skin more airy.

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Note when taking care of skin in summer

  • Do not use moisturizing products (condensed cream) when applying makeup, because this cream does not penetrate quickly into the skin, it will make your makeup less smooth, quickly down the tone; especially causing skin congestion, clogged pores and easy acne. Therefore, before applying makeup, it is better to use emulsion / lotion or gel hydrating products.
  • Summer sun is always hot, so sun protection for the skin is extremely important. UV rays in sunlight will destroy the skin, lose moisture of the skin, the skin is dry, dehydrated and quickly aging. Apply sunscreen regularly.
Distinguishing Moisture & Water Supply in Summer Skin Care Insider
Apply sunscreen regularly when going out
  • Providing enough water for the body helps the skin to be hydrated from the inside. Also, make it a habit to drink a full glass of water in the morning after waking up – this is a very good habit for your digestive system and skin.
healthy diet, lots of vegetables
Follow a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables
  • A healthy diet, rich in vegetables and fruits helps the skin to be supplied with nutrients and moisture from the inside in the most effective way. In addition, limiting greasy, hot and spicy foods will limit the skin to secrete excess oil, keep the skin healthy and effectively prevent acne.

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So, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center shared about the difference between moisture and water in skin care in the summer. In addition to proper skin care and choosing the right skin care products, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized most effectively. Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you always have a smooth skin in this hot summer!

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