Distinguishing Common Types of Acne And Basic Treatment List

Distinguishing Common Types of Acne And Basic Treatment


Distinguishing Common Types of Acne And Basic Treatment List

Miss Tram knows that acne is a huge obsession for anyone who encounters it, causing you anxiety as well as a sense of inferiority in communication and wanting to "remove" quickly those hateful acne.

Therefore, today Miss Tram wants to share an article to distinguish common types of acne and basic treatment to help you understand what your skin is having problems with as well as how to treat it. Effective - Safe.

There are 9 most common types of acne divided into 3 main groups that we often encounter as follows:

Acne group 1: Mild acne

Types of acne bran, blackheads, whiteheads, sebaceous fibers and endocrine acne are listed in the mild acne group because the acne nuclei are not deep or inflammatory. However, for hormonal acne, if the condition is continuous and inflamed, it is a severe form of acne that needs prompt treatment.

You can choose one of the treatment methods: remove acne, remove acne bran, blackheads or intensive skin care.

Acne group 2: Severe acne

Cystic acne, headless pustules, cystic acne are types of acne listed in the list of severe acne.

Treatments: Apply acne cream, take antibiotics or Treat acne with Green Laser/Blue Light technology, Oxygen Jet Technology, Nano Skin Technology, BioLight Technology, Fractional CO2 Laser Micropoint Activation Technology.

The advice for you is to go to reputable facilities to be consulted by a specialist for timely treatment to avoid severe infections.

Acne group 3: Acne is very severe

Eel acne is the most severe type of acne.

For this condition, you should quickly go to reputable facilities, dermatology hospitals to be examined and checked as soon as possible. You should not self-treat at home nor use conventional acne medications. Because the root of the acne is now deep in the skin, persistent pus oozes creating the outer epidermis, unable to completely dislodge the acne and can cause acne to develop further. In more severe cases, the skin can become infected.

You can refer to the detailed article on common types of acne as well as acne treatment methods suitable for each skin by following the following link: https://thammymisstram.vn/tu-van-phuong-phap-tri-mun-phu-hop-tung-loai-da/

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