Rose Water - Savior of Oily Acne Skin Few people know

Rose Water – Savior of Oily Acne Skin

Rose water – Savior of acne-prone skin really important for oily skin. With the ability to clean well, effectively balance moisture, reduce oil regulation to help skin healthy and soft. However, not everyone knows how to choose for themselves the right rose water, so that this miracle water can really bring out its wonderful beauty.

Rose Water – Savior of Oily Acne Skin

Many of us have a habit of skipping rose water without knowing all its amazing benefits.

  • The main task of rose water is to rebalance the original natural pH of the skin, especially after washing, removing makeup or exfoliating the skin will lose its inherent balance.
  • Rose water also has a positive effect in deep cleaning, removing all bacteria, sebum, dirt, cream accumulated that cleansers, makeup removers have not cleaned.
  • In addition, this type of water is also appreciated for its ability to shrink pores, making the skin more smooth.
  • Studies also show that rose water helps soothe sunburned or tanned skin. Gives a cooling sensation to the skin, helps to balance skin tone effectively.
  • Not only that, it also has the ability to enhance the effectiveness of other creams, providing excellent skin care effects.
Beauty uses of rose water
Beauty uses of rose water

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The process of using rose water is as follows

You should use rose water in the morning and evening:

  • In the morning, you wake up in the order: wash your face - toner - moisturizer - sunscreen - make up.
  • At night, before going to bed, you also follow the order: remove makeup - wash your face - use rose water - cream.

When using toner, you can use a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face or put some water in your hand and pat it on your skin. Currently on the market there are many types of spray rose water, you can buy this type for convenience in use.

how to use rose water to care for oily skin
It is recommended to use rose water in the morning and at night

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How to choose the right rose water for oily skin

+ Prioritize rose water containing AHA (in the form of glycolic acid)

AHA is essential for oily skin because it has a superior cleansing effect, removing dead cells and dirt deep in the pores while promoting effective skin regeneration.

Rose water savior of oily acne skin
Prioritize rose water containing AHA

+ Should choose rose water containing natural ingredients

Cosmetics with natural ingredients are always the first priority. Rose water extracted from witch Hazel, cornflower flower, green tea, cherry blossom, rose ... are extremely beneficial for the skin, nourish healthy skin, improve pigmentation while ensuring safety. whole.

+ Do not use rose water containing a lot of alcohol

On our skin, there is always a thin layer of oil that acts as a protective layer. When you use cosmetics containing alcohol, it will destroy this natural protective barrier, make the skin lose moisture and oil glands will be more active. The loss of the barrier layer will also damage the skin, making it painful, fragile and easily affected by the external environment.

savior of oily acne skin: by using rose water
Do not use rose water that contains a lot of alcohol

Some of you have the habit of making your own rose water at home, but you need to make sure you follow the correct technique and ensure the cleanliness of your product. Ideally, look for quality, natural rose water products and make sure you buy genuine products with clear origins.

For oily skin, rose water plays an important role, but it is not enough. You need to practice for yourself healthy eating and resting habits and especially not letting your body get tired and stressed for a long time.

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Depending on your skin condition, you choose for yourself the right type of rose water to improve your skin. However, you should also not abuse rose water, only use 2-3 times a day and work very gently on the skin, especially areas such as the nose and cheekbones.

If you need more information about the care and treatment of oily skin, please contact directly Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, leading skin experts in the field of skin care and treatment will bring you useful information, helping your "anti-greasy" work to achieve better results.

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