How Much Time Does Eyelash Extensions Take? Especially

How Much Time Does Eyelash Extensions Take?

Many of you think that eyelash extensions very time consuming, complicated to implement and not very durable. So, is it really like eyelash extensions like these rumors? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Will answer your questions through the article below. Check it out now for more useful information!

How long does it take to complete eyelash extensions?

How long does eyelash extensions take?

Women often say that eyelash extensions take no less than 2 hours to complete. This may be true for some facilities, but at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, the process of eyelash extensions is very quick, only about 60-90 minutes. Therefore, spending 1-2 hours of your free time on beautifying eyelashes is very simple for you.

Although the implementation time is short, Miss Tram still ensures your safety during the implementation process. We understand that any small mistake made during eyelash extensions can leave serious damage to your eyes and real lashes. Therefore, every step is carefully taken care of by us, bringing a perfect eyelash, helping you to shine at every angle.

The process of making eyelash extensions at Miss Tram
The process of making eyelash extensions at Miss Tram

How long can eyelash extensions be used?

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so when you apply eyelash extensions, your eyelashes will curl longer, making your eyes look much more attractive. However, these eyelashes can only keep their original shape after connecting for about 2-3 weeks, depending on how you take care of them. If you take care of your eyelashes properly, they can last longer and after that time you have to add extra miles to the places where the eyelashes fall out. (Learn about black rose eyelash extension technique HOT, most chosen by many people today).

Durable and beautiful eyelash extension technique at Miss Tram
Durable and beautiful eyelash extension technique at Miss Tram

Here are some eyelash extensions care tips to help you have a durable and beautiful eyelash extension:

Avoid rubbing your hands in your eyes when you've finished eyelash extensions

When you have just finished eyelash extensions, everyone must have an uncomfortable feeling in the eyes, that symptom is feeling itchy and painful in the eyelids. As usual, when you have eye pain, you will raise your hand and rub your eyes, but to get a beautiful eyelash extension, you should limit rubbing your hands on your eyes! This will make you uncomfortable for the first few days, the next day you will get used to it, you will no longer feel uncomfortable.

Wash your face gently, carefully, avoid washing near the eye area

When washing your face, you should avoid washing in the eye area and you should use a cotton pad soaked in water and then gently wash around the eyes, avoiding contact with the eyelash extension glue, especially warm water because it will make the glue lose its adhesion .

No eye makeup, no mascara

How long does it take to connect?
Limited care. grooming mascara

After finishing eyelash extensions, the eyelashes have a certain thickness, so you should limit makeup in the eye area and absolutely do not apply mascara because it will damage the eyelashes.

Sleep in the right position, avoid breaking eyelashes

Many of you have a habit of sleeping or lying face down on the pillow or lying on your side, this accidentally damages your newly attached eyelashes because they are not 100% complete.

When going out, wear sunglasses

After finishing eyelash extensions, you should regularly wear sunglasses when going out to protect your eyes from dust and dirt, but also to help you keep your eyelashes longer.

Regularly check eyelash extensions

To avoid open eyelash extensions, you should check your eyelash extensions every day. If you find that there is an opening or signs of gradual loss, it is best to go to an eyelash extension facility to reapply new eyelashes. After each check, you should use your hands to gently push the lashes up in their curvature to help curl and more evenly! (Refer Prestigious and quality eyelash extensions spa in HCM).

How long does it take to connect?
Have the most standard aftercare process for eyelash extensions

It is not natural that customers trust their "soul window frames" for Miss Tram to perform, because Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center always committed to bring you natural long curled eyelashes, outstanding with attractive beauty to confidently appear anywhere. Spend less time taking care of and adorning this window frame, you will feel more loving life, more confident to conquer the great things in life.

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