Beautiful Safe Eyelash Extensions Standard Japanese Style

Beautiful Safe Eyelash Extensions Standard Japanese Style

Beautiful & Safe Japanese Eyelash Extension Method

Beauty needs, beautiful eyelash extensions It is a must-have in life and it is an inevitable part of our lives. The face is a very important part, it helps you to be confident and is the first weapon to help you stand out from the crowd when going to a party or communicating, having a coffee with friends. Here are the techniques and benefits when Japanese style eyelash extensions at Miss Tram:

Introducing the standard Japanese style eyelash extension method
Introducing the Japanese style eyelash extension method

Miss Tram Spa uses Japanese-style eyelash extensions method, modern advanced technology, Miss Tram Spa ensures you will immediately own wonderful eyelashes with 5 NO:

  • IS NOT pinned to the skin,
  • IS NOT stingy eyes,
  • IS NOT uncomfortable itching,
  • IS NOT real eyelash loss;
  • IS NOT time consuming for the customer.

There are 2 eyelash extension techniques applied at Miss Tram Spa:

+ 3D angel silk eyelash extensions (round eyes): make eyes glitter, round, natural, suitable for all types of eyes.

Eyelash extension technique at Miss Tram 1

Eyelash extension technique at Miss Tram 2

+ Black rose eyelash extensions Seductive (Sexy): makes the eyes sharper and more personal with the tail of the eye longer than the top of the eye, creating a sharp and extremely seductive eye.

Eyelash extension technique at Miss Tram 3

Customers coming to Miss Tram Spa are completely assured with excellent workmanship and services here because all technicians are well-trained in expertise and professional, friendly, and dedicated service attitude. and devoted.

Experience Professional eyelash extensions service At Miss Tram Spa you will:

  • BE consulted carefully before and take care after eyelash extensions,
  • GUARANTEE the quality of eyelashes (100% genuine silk lashes imported in Korea) and eyelash glue,
  • ENJOY the most comfortable of eyelash extensions,
  • ALWAYS own long and thick curled eyelashes after joining,
  • BE confident with perfectly beautiful eyes.

⇒ It will be more beautiful if you combine horizontal eyebrow embroidery spray

PRICE LIST OF lash extensions service at MISS TRAM SPA

  • 3D Angel Silk Eyelash Extensions Japanese style: 500,000 VNĐ only 299,000 VNĐ
  • Eyelash extensions Black Rose Japanese style: 600,000 VNĐ only 349,000 VNĐ
  • Miles: only 99,000 VND – 149,000 VND

If you want to own attractive eyes with curled eyelashes, please book an appointment in advance so that Miss Tram Spa can best serve you!

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