Does Eyelash Extensions Take A Long Time?

Does Eyelash Extensions Take A Long Time?

|Q&A| Does Eyelash Extensions Take A Long Time Or Not?

Does Eyelash Extensions Take A Long Time?
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During the shift this morning at Miss Tram, TeamMissTram had the opportunity to beautify a very cute and lovely British-born girlfriend - named Shilla.

She wants eyelash extensions, and came very early because I was worried that it would take a long time to do so I might be late for the noon event.

Until now, when recalling the image of Shilla waiting in front of the center, #TeamMissTram is still touched and feels very sorry.

So, Miss Tram decided to always answer the question "Does eyelash extensions take a long time?" for sisters!

– Miss Tram has heard many women say that if you want to apply eyelash extensions, you should determine to "fly right away" for 2 hours to complete, right?

– This may be true for some facilities, but at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center, the process of making eyelash extensions happens very quickly, only about 60-90 minutes.

– Although the implementation time is short, you COMPLETELY CONFIRMED US because Miss Tram always ensures the safety of your eyelashes during the process and we understand that any small mistake that takes place during the eyelash extension process can leave serious damage to your eyes. your real eyes and lashes.

Therefore, every step is carefully taken care of by us, bringing a perfect eyelash, helping you to shine at every angle.

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