Mistakes That Make Lips Darker Few people know

Mistakes That Make Lips Darker

A lip that is considered healthy and beautiful is a rosy and always smooth lips. However, many women have unsatisfactory lips due to darkening. Pair dark lips will make your face less bright, make you lack confidence and often abuse lipstick. To better understand the What causes lips to become darker? and find out the most effective way to fix it, don't ignore the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Bad Habits Cause Dark Lips

1 Let your lips dry often

let dry lips cause dark lips
Dry lips are the cause of dark lips

Lips are very easily dehydrated and dry before the changes of the weather. This is also the part that gives the first "alarm" when the body is dehydrated. Dry lips will show signs of cracking, peeling and bleeding – this condition will make the lips darken gradually.

So, in addition to regularly using lip balm, you need to replenish your body with enough water every day and protect your lips every time you go out to keep your lips moist.

2 Use poor quality lipstick

Using poor quality lipstick causes dark lips
Poor quality lipstick is one of the causes of dark lips

Use lipstick is a basic need of women. Currently, on the market, there are many different lipstick brands and colors for women to choose from. However, you need to choose products that have safe ingredients, are lead-free and have clear origins. Because the amount of poor quality lipsticks on the market is a lot – if you accidentally use these lipsticks, your lips will not only become darker but also have a risk of cancer (if the amount of lead exceeds the allowed limit).

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3 Do not clean your lips every day

There are a lot of girls who mistakenly believe that just wiping off the lipstick marks is clean and they don't need to use lip makeup remover. But the truth is that the lipstick still remains on the interstitial layers of your lips that are hard to see with the naked eye. Therefore, most girls skip removing makeup for their lips every day – this will lead to dark lips, dry lips and not applying lipstick to the standard color.

Not cleaning lips daily causes dark lips
Not removing lip makeup causes dark lips

Another lip cleansing step is exfoliating. This is the process of removing dead skin layers and dirt accumulated on the lips. If the lips are not exfoliated twice a week, the dead skin layer will hinder the absorption of nutrients from the balm; the new cells have no space to grow and the lips are getting duller and duller.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a habit of cleaning your lips every day if you do not want your lips to become darker and darker.

4 Do not protect your lips in the sun

Not protecting your lips when going out is a huge mistake that makes your lips darker and darker. Just like the skin, when the lips are exposed to the sun a lot, the body will activate melanin to work against the negative effects of the sun. The more melanin is produced, the more dark the lips will be. Therefore, you should use lip balms with sun protection function to help your lips both moisturize and effectively protect against the sun.

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5 Poor diet

Poor diet causes dark lips
Improper eating causes dark lips

Did you know, a poor diet is also a cause of increasingly pale lips, less rosy. Especially when the body is anemic or lacks essential vitamins, the lips will gradually turn purple and no longer stretch and smooth.

The most effective remedy is to add foods rich in iron and diverse sources of vitamins such as beef, liver, eggs, broccoli, nuts and fresh fruits.

6 Drink a lot of drinks containing caffeine

Drinking a lot of coffee causes dark lips
Caffeine is the cause of dark lips

Although caffeinated drinks are not harmful drinks. But if you use it a lot and regularly, this is also a cause of dark lips. In addition, drinking a lot of caffeinated beverages is also bad for your skin and teeth – so only drink one cup of coffee or tea a day and always drink more water to dilute caffeine levels in your body.

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7 Unhealthy lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle causes dark lips
Drugs, alcohol cause dark lips

If you are having unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol, staying up late, being inactive, this is also a reason why your lips are increasingly dark and lifeless. Why? Dark lips and plaque on the teeth are the most obvious signs of a regular smoker. Meanwhile, alcohol will cause dark brown spots on the lips, over time will make your lips darker. And certainly, an unhealthy lifestyle will never maintain a healthy body, beautiful skin and full lips.

In addition, some drugs that treat skin diseases, depression, malaria or antibiotics, etc. will have side effects that increase pigmentation on the skin: causing dark lips, dark circles under the eyes and dull skin. .

Therefore, you should add enough nutrients and refrain from unhealthy habits for the best care and development of your body. Besides, it is necessary to moisturize the lips daily to keep the lips moist, rosy and smooth.

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The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about the mistakes that make the lips darker. Hopefully this article will help you understand the causes of your lips being less sharp and have the right way to care and nourish your lips. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy lips!

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