Harmful Mistakes That Make Skin Aging Faster Recognized

Harmful Mistakes That Make Skin Aging Fast

Signs like melasmaSkin lacks elasticity, dull skin or wrinkles appear on the face are signs of the aging process. However, these signs appear sooner or later depending greatly on your daily living habits. Because there are mistakes that greatly affect the aging process later. Today's Post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center please go through the Harmful mistakes cause skin to age quickly.

Mistakes that cause skin to age quickly

1 Do not use sunscreen

The mistake that makes the skin age quickly
The mistake that makes the skin age faster when not using sunscreen

The impact of UV rays is always the cause of problems such as dry skin, acne, pigmentation and especially aging skin. UV rays have a terrible effect on the skin and can penetrate even layers of clothing or even windows. So, no matter how healthy your skin is, if it is not protected by specialized sunscreens, it is also an opportunity for aging, dark spots and wrinkles to appear.

2 Masks too much

Too much masking makes the skin age faster
The mistake that makes the skin age quickly when wearing a mask continuously

Masks are a very effective way to add nutrients to the skin. However, if you apply the mask in the wrong way, it will backfire, even causing skin problems, especially fast aging later.

Applying masks too much and continuously every day will make the young epidermis on the skin lose its resistance and make the skin very susceptible to allergies. Not to mention, the protective acid mantle on the skin is also damaged, making the skin dry and more vulnerable to external influences.

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3 Strong impact on skin

Facial skin is very sensitive and fragile, it needs careful and gentle care to avoid causing damage to the skin. If the skin care steps from washing the face, applying lotion, and massaging the face are done too hard, the skin is very vulnerable, loses elasticity and very quickly sags.

4 Frequent lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is the cause of premature aging of the skin
The mistake that makes the skin age quickly when often lack of sleep

Sleep is very important for the health and youthfulness of the skin. Because this is the "golden time" for the skin to recover from damage and regenerate new cells most effectively. If you lack sleep one night, the next day's skin has signs of dullness and loss of moisture in it. Therefore, regular lack of sleep will make the skin lack vitality, lose elasticity and this is the premise for signs of aging to form.

5 Improper skin cleansing

Mistakes when taking care of skin
The mistake that causes the skin to age quickly when cleaning the skin improperly

Improper face washing is one of the causes of many skin problems such as acne, dry skin, irritated skin and accelerated aging later. Habits that women often have when washing their faces:

  • Washing your face too many times a day;
  • Wash your face too long, too thoroughly;
  • Use more than the required amount of cleanser.

These habits will cause the skin to be worn away, the protective acid layer of the skin is destroyed, the skin is easily damaged by the sun, and wrinkles are quickly revealed.

Therefore, you should only wash your face twice a day with a facial cleanser, use a small amount of black bean cleanser and the facial cleansing process should only be done for about 2 minute for the skin to be effectively cleansed. while still retaining the natural moisture in the skin.

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6 Does not moisturize the skin

Mistakes when taking care of skin
The mistake that makes the skin age faster when not moisturizing the skin

Science has proven, a dry, dehydrated skin is easy to accelerate aging. To add moisture to the skin, you must always use a moisturizer for the skin every day and provide enough water for the body. And by the age of 25 onwards, you need to use an intensive moisturizer if you do not want your skin to age prematurely, wrinkle, and rough.

7 No facial massage

The mistake that makes the skin age quickly
The mistake that causes the skin to age quickly when not massaging the face

The skin will be greatly disadvantaged if you do not spend a few minutes to massage every day. Because this works very well in improving blood circulation and increasing skin elasticity, thereby bringing a more youthful and fresh beauty to your skin.

To perform the most effective anti-aging massage for the skin, you need to pay attention to using your fingers to move gently in the direction from bottom to top or use a specialized massage machine, avoid using too much force to cause the skin to sag. .

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8 Change skin care cosmetics continuously

Causes of rapid skin aging
The mistake that causes the skin to age quickly when changing cosmetics continuously

Skin care products often do not give immediate results, but need a certain time to take effect. To use cosmetics most effectively, you need to know your skin and which products are suitable, then persistently use it so that your skin has time to adapt.

Do not rush to change cosmetics constantly, because this will make the skin very sensitive and later on, it will be more difficult to accept new cosmetics. This is also a cause of rapid skin aging later.

9 Not providing enough nutrients for the body

Harmful Mistakes That Make Skin Aging Faster Recognized

The mistake that causes the skin to age quickly when it does not provide enough nutrition

The last cause that Miss Tram wants to mention is the issue of nutrition. Diet greatly affects the youthfulness of the skin. If you regularly load your body with harmful foods such as fried foods, a lot of fat, a lot of sugar, or carbonated soft drinks, alcohol, etc., then your skin will not be smooth and tight excess oil and frequent acne problems.

In addition, if your diet is too lacking in nutrients, not enough nutritional groups: starch, protein, vitamins - minerals and fat, the skin will not be nourished and developed at its best. Gradually, the skin will become lack of elasticity, lack of vitality and quickly show signs of aging when turning 30.

So, take good care of your body, set up a reasonable diet to always have a balanced body and the most youthful skin.

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At the age of 25, women's bodies have begun to rekindle signs of aging. Without proper care and nourishment, the skin will quickly lose its elasticity, become duller, and appear wrinkles on the face. Hope the sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always have a youthful skin!

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