Makeup Mistakes That Cause Acne Skin Time

Makeup Mistakes That Cause Acne Skin

makeup is a necessary need of every woman, this is a way to make the face brighter, more angular, sharper, more beautiful and make us more confident. However, improper makeup can cause some skin problems such as acne-prone skin, less elastic, fast aging,… Today's post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share about mistakes when makeup causes acne skin.

Mistakes When Makeup Makes Skin Pimples

1 Do not clean your skin before applying makeup

Make-up mistakes
Do not clean your skin before applying makeup

Dirt and sebum are the cause of many skin problems. Especially makeup on unwashed skin, makeup mixed with dirt and sebum will clog pores, which is easy to form acne. In addition, when the makeup on the face has not been cleaned, it will inadvertently spread bacteria and dirt from the face to the makeup tools and makeup - this is the germ that causes your acne. Therefore, you need to clean your face before applying makeup to prevent the possibility of acne formation.

2 Do not remove makeup before going to bed

makeup mistakes cause acne
Do not remove makeup before going to bed

Makeup removal is an extremely important step in the facial cleansing process. If you go to bed with thick makeup, the next day, your skin will show alarm signs immediately. So, if you want to have a beautiful skin, you should not skip any step in your daily skin care routine. 

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3 Not cleaning makeup tools often

mistakes when makeup causes acne
Not cleaning makeup tools often

One of the mistakes when makeup causes acne skin is not cleaning makeup tools regularly. Think about it, when makeup tools are contaminated, the bacteria spread to the cosmetics and then penetrate the skin of the face; Since then, your face is covered with dirty cosmetics, dirty tools – how harmful is this?

Therefore, regularly clean makeup tools, especially those that frequently come into contact with facial skin such as makeup brushes, makeup sponges. In addition, it is necessary to store oil absorbent paper, makeup remover paper in a cool, dry place to limit bacteria penetration.

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4 Makeup is too thick

Makeup Mistakes That Cause Acne Skin Time

Indeed, makeup does not make the skin acne, but the wrong makeup will cause many skin problems, especially acne. When we overdo it on concealer, foundation, apply too many layers of powder, etc., it will make the skin easy to be blocked, clogged pores and very easy to cause acne.

Therefore, it is advisable to limit makeup that is too thick, especially for those with sensitive skin prone to acne. Just a primer, a concealer and a little powder is enough to make you more radiant.

5 Holding makeup for too long

Keeping makeup on for too long during the day is just as harmful as not removing it before bed. According to dermatologists, you should only keep makeup on your face for at least 8 hours. If it is too long, the skin will be blocked, stimulate excess oil secretion, combined with makeup will form acne. Therefore, you should consider the time of makeup and makeup removal so that the skin is always the most airy.

6 Do not use primer

In addition to helping the makeup layer to be smoother, the main use of the primer is to create a layer between makeup and your skin, helping to limit the adverse effects of cosmetics on the skin. So, to reduce the possibility of acne, do not forget to use primer in the steps of makeup.

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7 Use wet wipes to remove makeup

Mistakes when makeup makes skin acne

Makeup remover wet wipes are an extremely convenient product, especially for busy girls. However, only use wet wipes to remove makeup when you really need it – when you don't have makeup remover and cleanser with you.

Because in the makeup remover wet wipes contain many detergents and fragrances - extremely bad for the skin, making the skin prone to dryness, sensitivity and acne; especially those with sensitive skin. Therefore, you should limit the use of this product to a minimum to keep your skin healthy.

8 Using inappropriate makeup products

Mistakes when makeup makes skin acne

Another fatal mistake in makeup that makes skin prone to acne is the use of inappropriate makeup. Using cosmetics that are not right for your skin type can be the cause of your skin breaking out, aging quickly, losing elasticity and having many serious problems on your skin. Therefore, choose cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type Products labeled oil free (oil-free) and non-comedogenic (non-comedogenic) to prevent acne from forming.

In addition, the use of expired cosmetics and other people's cosmetics is also a cause of skin infection and acne. You should pay attention to carefully check the products that are applied to the face to protect the healthy skin.

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Above are the mistakes when makeup makes the skin prone to acne. Hope you do not encounter these problems, and if so, you should reconsider how to apply makeup. Hope the article will be useful to you, wish you always have a healthy skin!

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