Daily Mistakes That Make Eyelashes "Scream"

Share Daily Habits That Make Eyelashes Ugly To Avoid

Daily Mistakes That Make Eyelashes "Scream"

In addition to the role of protecting the eyes, the eyelashes also have the task of helping the "window to the soul" more attractive and attractive. Today, many women often abuse mascara, eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, .. to beautify without paying attention. take care of you properly, making lashes prone to breakage. Today's post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share the daily mistakes that make your eyelashes "scream".

Mistakes Make Eyelashes Ugly With Daily Habits

1. The habit of rubbing eyes and staying up late

When our eyes are dry, tired or dirty, we will have a habit of rubbing our eyes. This habit causes eyelashes to rub and break easily. Therefore, when the eyes are uncomfortable, we should gently massage the eye area or use specialized drops so that the eyes and eyelashes can grow stronger.

The habit of rubbing eyes and staying up late
The habit of rubbing eyes and staying up late

Moreover, it is impossible to have healthy eyelashes from a tired, dark eye. So go to bed early and get enough sleep. Sleep is not only beneficial for the health of the body but also prolongs the life of your eyelashes. (Share eyelid numbing experience the most standard for KTV).

2. Don't remove makeup before sleeping

Keeping makeup on while sleeping not only leads to acne, it's also a leading cause of eyelash breakage. After a day of makeup and exposure to dust, removing make-up around the eye area will remove dirt and let your eyelashes breathe. This makes it easier for the lashes to absorb nutrients.

Do not remove makeup before going to bed
Do not remove makeup before going to bed

3. Makeup habits that are bad for you

Bold eye makeup

Bold eye makeup causes the eyelashes to suffer a lot of impact, moreover, the improper makeup removal process will also exert a lot of force on the eye area, making the eyelashes vulnerable.

mistakes make eyelashes bad mi
Limit heavy eye makeup

Be careful to limit heavy eye makeup, it will help the eyelashes to be less impacted and easier to remove makeup.

Improper use of eyelash curlers

Eyelash curler is one of the tools to help make eyelashes more curled. However, if not used properly, such as pressing too tightly or holding it for too long, it will easily make the eyelashes fall off. (Refer black rose eyelash extension technique Hottest today).

Use false eyelashes

mistakes make eyelashes bad mi
Limit the use of false eyelashes

Misuse of false eyelashes can lead to undesirable consequences: the glue layer of false eyelashes will affect the real eyelashes, and when removing the false eyelashes, the pulling force will damage the real eyelashes. . Therefore, you should not apply false eyelashes too often and pay attention to use just enough glue to apply on false eyelashes. (Refer natural beautiful standard eyelashes service at the leading prestigious spa in HCM).

Use expired makeup:

Expired mascara can contain harmful bacteria, which can cause damage and infection of the eyelids when used.

4. Not adding enough nutrients to the eyelashes

A healthy and nutritious diet always makes the body healthier and more beautiful. With eyelids, too, without enough nutrition, eyelashes lack nutrients to grow. In addition to the full complement of nutritional groups, you need to add some good foods for eyelashes: foods rich in zinc, iron, biotin and collagen such as cereals, almonds, fruits, mushrooms, seafood , egg fish,…

Not adding enough nutrients to the eyelashes
Not adding enough nutrients to the eyelashes

In addition to adding nutrients from the inside, you should also take care of your eyelashes from the outside by regularly nourishing your eyelashes with coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E, ... or specialized eyelash serums.

If you do not suffer from the above causes and regularly eyelash care If your eyelashes still fall out a lot, don't worry too much. Because eyelashes are like hair, they will go through natural stages: growth, growth, shedding. The lost eyelashes will be replaced quickly, so stay away from habits that are harmful to your eyelashes and persevere in daily eyelash care, you will quickly get the desired eyelashes. Hope this article will help you, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always beautiful!

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