Catching the Pulse The Causes of Skin Care Still Not Professional

Catching the Pulse Causes of Skin Care Still Not Beautiful

Many women are very careful in choosing cosmetics and Skin Care daily. However, not all of them have a beautiful skin. Even they often have some skin problems.

There are many reasons why the skin care process does not bring the desired results. And this post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center please take the pulse The reason why skin care is not beautiful forever that women most often meet!

Catching the Pulse Causes of Skin Care Still Not Beautiful

1. Polluted environment

Polluted environment
Polluted environment makes the skin care process not successful

Skin is the part that is in direct contact with air, moisture and water. Therefore, if the environment is polluted, the skin will suffer first. In particular, with the environmental alarms in recent times, your skin is more or less affected every day.

The negative effects of the environment not only make the skin toxic, pores prone to congestion but increasingly serious skin conditions. Therefore, no matter how hard you apply the cream, if the skin is not regularly protected and detoxified, it will definitely not bring the desired results. (How to guide facial care in spring for women over 30 You must be familiar with it).

2. Is your sleep quality?

Sleep quality is not guaranteed
Sleep quality is not guaranteed

A truly healthy and beautiful skin is only when properly cared for from the inside out. Therefore, in addition to having a thorough skin care routine, you need to pay attention to your diet and daily activities, especially sleep.

According to dermatologists, sleep plays a very important role in the repair and regeneration of skin cells every day. If you often lack sleep, do not sleep on time, your skin will not be as fresh and smooth as you want.

3. Do you understand your skin?

Everyone knows that human facial skin is divided into 4 main types: dry skin, oily, combination skin and sensitive skin. Each skin has different characteristics, has its own care and suitable cosmetic lines. Therefore, if you do not understand your skin as well as your skin condition, then surely the cosmetic lines you are using will not promote the real effect. 

4. Exfoliate Too Much or Too Little

Exfoliating Too Much Or Too Little
Exfoliating Too Much Or Too Little

How to exfoliate has a great influence on the smoothness of the skin. However, many women do not attach importance to this skin care step.

According to dermatologists, you should exfoliate twice a week with suitable products. If you exfoliate too many times a week, your skin will be worn out, causing dehydration and irritation. In contrast, when exfoliating too little, the pores are at risk of being clogged, the skin is stimulated to secrete excess oil and there is a risk of acne formation. So, make sure to have a regular weekly exfoliating schedule.

5. Using too many cosmetics on the skin

Excessive use of beauty products for the skin
Excessive use of beauty products for the skin

The heavy use skin care cosmetics is a very good thing, however, are you using it properly and in the right dosage? 

Many women often use cosmetics without testing and reviewing skin reactions. If you want to add a new skincare step to your daily routine, follow up with your basic skincare steps and see how your skin reacts. Avoid using too many skin care products at once, which can overwhelm the skin and cause irritation.

As for the dosage of cosmetics, make sure to use the right amount and apply in layers: wait for each layer of cream to be absorbed before applying the next layer. 

6. How often do you clean bedding?

Many girls are very careful in skin care but "ignore" the cleaning of bedding. This is one reason why your skin is very prone to the appearance of nasty acne spots.

A pillow used for a long time often accumulates bacteria and dead skin cells. And when exposed to a long time without washing, your skin will definitely appear a lot of skin problems such as clogged pores, acne, skin infections. Therefore, never neglect the hygiene of living utensils, especially those that come into frequent contact with your skin.

7. Are you using the right sunscreen?

Skin care is still not beautiful
Using the wrong sunscreen

For skin care followers, applying sunscreen is always one of the top priorities of the day. However, if your skin care is still not beautiful, can you review your sunscreen application is correct and enough?

Because the amount of sunscreen used on the face compared to other skin care products is quite a lot. This makes the girls cautious, because they are afraid that using too much will cause skin congestion. As a result, the skin is not protected enough.

Also, make sure you're using the right sunscreen for the time (how long before you go out and how often to reapply) for the sunscreen to do its job well. (Tip Skin care after laser treatment spa standard applied by many people today).

Do you suffer from any of the above causes? If so, take steps to overcome them for more effective skin care. If not, consult a dermatologist.

In particular, learn carefully the Skin care products, set up a scientific skin care cycle and have a healthy diet and lifestyle to quickly have a satisfactory skin. Hope the above sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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