Things to Remember When Removing Facial Makeup You've Heard

Things to Remember When Removing Facial Makeup

Cleansing Not only does it take away makeup, but it also removes sebum, dirt clings to the skin, helping the skin to breathe after a long day. The step of removing makeup is very important, but if it is not removed properly, it can cause equally harmful effects as not removing makeup. So today's post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share the tips for the most effective skin removal.

Things to Note When Removing Makeup You Should Remember

1. Use makeup remover products suitable for each skin area and skin

As with other skin care products, using the right makeup remover will help clean the skin effectively and avoid skin problems.

Note when removing makeup
Use makeup remover suitable for your skin

Currently, on the market, there are makeup remover products with many advantages such as: water-based makeup remover, oil-based makeup remover, lotion/cream makeup remover, makeup remover wipes and eye makeup remover. You should learn the benefits of each product and choose the products that are most suitable for your skin type. (Refer to more reasons why you have to pay attention regularly skin around eyes).

Note how to remove makeup:

  • Water-based makeup remover Very easy to use, just use a cotton pad to wipe each area from the eyes, lips, nose and whole face to remove makeup and dirt. However, this product is not suitable for dry skin , and sensitive skin because of its deep cleaning effect.
  • Oily makeup remover The best makeup remover for all skin types. However, when using this makeup remover product, it is important to follow the steps as directed by the supplier, especially the emulsification stage, so that the skin is cleaned most effectively.
  • With makeup remover wet wipes, this is a product that should only be used in urgent cases or used in short trips because it contains a lot of bleach, which is not good for the skin.
  • You should buy yourself one eye makeup remover – because the eye area is very sensitive and requires its own specialized product.
Use wet wipes to remove facial makeup
Use wet wipes to remove facial makeup

Need to choose makeup remover products with natural extracts and remember to pay attention to the brand and origin as well as the expiration date of the makeup remover products. (The Mistakes when removing makeup cause acne skin you need to keep in mind for the most effective preventive measure).

2. Tie your hair neatly

Have you ever experienced acne on the forehead contour, jawline or temple area? If you have, you have not thoroughly removed makeup in these areas. These are the areas of skin that accumulate a lot of sweat but are often "ignored" when taking care of the skin and removing makeup.

The solution is that before removing makeup, you need to tie your hair up so that the forehead, temples and the contours of the face are noticed and remove makeup more carefully.

3. Remove heavy makeup first

With areas of heavy makeup, you should prioritize removing makeup first to avoid smearing cosmetic colors to other skin areas. In particular, the areas of heavy makeup need to be removed more carefully.

Remove makeup in areas with heavy makeup first
Remove makeup in areas with heavy makeup first


You just need to absorb enough makeup remover solution on a cotton pad and then gently apply it to the area of ​​heavy makeup to be removed, let it sit for 1 minute. After the cosmetic layer has dissolved into the makeup remover solution, gently wipe it off. This tip makes it easy to remove makeup without using too much force – damaging your skin.

According to makeup experts, you should start from the eye area - because this is the area where the skin is the most heavily makeuped. Next comes the whole face. And finish by wiping off the lipstick. As for the eyelids, you should use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, then gently push between the eyelashes to clean the dirt most thoroughly.

4. Remove makeup thoroughly but don't use too much force

When performing makeup remover, you need to do it carefully, avoiding leaving the remnants of makeup, sebum on the skin. Plus, washing your face a second time will also pass the speaker, the skin will not be cleaned effectively, causing problems with the skin. acne.

However, thorough makeup removal does not mean rubbing vigorously, using a lot of force on the skin. Skin is very sensitive, so remember to use gentle pressure to avoid causing skin damage. (Read more about Makeup artist training course Hottest today).

5. Use natural oils to remove makeup if your skin is too sensitive

For areas with very sensitive skin, using a specialized makeup remover with deep cleaning capabilities may not be suitable. So you can use natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, olive oil or coconut oil to remove makeup.

Use natural essential oils to remove facial makeup
Use natural essential oils to remove facial makeup

These oils are used to clean dirt, excess oil and makeup on the skin, as well as effective makeup remover products. In addition, this way of removing makeup does not make the skin lose its inherent moisture, because the oil contains a large amount of vitamin E and antioxidant compounds, making the skin smoother and more shiny.

6. When and how many times per day to remove makeup?

For those of you who do not often wear makeup, you should not skip the makeup removal step, because sunscreen, residues of skin care products or dust and sebum will become stubborn impurities that facial cleansers do not. can be cleaned.

In addition, you should not remove makeup too many times a day, because more or less the process of removing makeup will also dry the skin. So, just keep the habit of removing makeup every day before going to bed, your skin will be cleaned in the best way.

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center shared Things to keep in mind when removing makeup, hope that this article will help you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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