Notes When Using Hair Wax Cream At Home List

Notes When Using Hair Wax Cream At Home

Use hair wax It is one of the most popular at-home hair removal methods among women. By way wax This is fast, convenient and highly effective as well as quite cost-effective compared to using other services hair removal at Spa. However, this method also carries many risks if you do not do it correctly. And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Check out the notes when using hair wax cream.

Notes When Using Hair Wax Cream At Home

1. What is hair wax cream?

Hair Wax Cream are products that are prepared and processed for the purpose of making it more convenient in the waxing process. Usually, wax products are extracted from nature and prepared in the form of creams or waxes.

What is hair wax cream and the notes when using hair wax
What is hair wax? And the safest way to use hair wax?

This is one of the hair removal methods that many women trust with many outstanding advantages:

  • Comfortable: The first advantage of waxing cream can be said to be convenience. Because this is a pre-made product, you need to take the time to prepare the ingredients and make your own at home like many natural wax recipes.
  • Simple, easy to do: Using wax cream is very simple and easy to do, you just need to apply the cream - wait - wax, the hairs will be cleaned effectively.
  • Apply to multiple hair areas: Hair wax products can be used effectively for hair on the arms, legs, abdomen, back and bikini area.
  • Most effective compared to home hair removal methods: Compared with methods of shaving, plucking or using natural ingredients, waxing cream provides the fastest and cleanest hair removal effect.
  • Limit skin damage: Methods such as shaving, plucking will very easily cause damage, avoid inflammation and harm to the skin.
  • Cost savings: Compared to the hair removal services in beauty centers, using hair removal cream is very suitable for your budget.

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2. Note when choosing to buy hair wax

When using wax cream, you will have to use this method of hair removal regularly because this method only has a temporary hair removal effect. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the products that best suit your intended use and skin.

Note when using hair wax
Know how to choose the best hair wax

As Miss Tram mentioned, there are two basic types of waxing creams: cream and wax.

If using cream wax, you just need to use a towel gently after applying the cream, the hairs will be cleaned.

With wax-based waxing creams, you will have to heat up the cream before use and waxing will be painful and uncomfortable for the first time. However, using a wax-based cream will be more effective than a cream type.

It is advisable to buy branded products, at reputable stores and verify the origin and clear origin to ensure the safest for the skin.

Prioritize choosing products with natural ingredients to minimize skin irritation.

With sensitive and easily irritated skin, you should test to see if there is any irritation on the skin because any cosmetics contain some chemical ingredients that can cause skin allergies.

3. Note when using hair wax

Check hair condition

For the most effective waxing, you should check that the hairs are long enough? If waxing when the hair has not grown long enough in size, it will be very difficult to use wax cream products. It is best when the hairs are over 1cm long, you should perform waxing.

Check skin condition

Check skin condition notes when using wax hair cream
Need to check skin condition before waxing

Absolutely do not use wax cream on damaged skin, even the smallest scratches. Because this will make the wound heal longer and become more severe. In addition, hair removal on damaged skin will easily allow bacteria to penetrate and cause harm.

Don't wax too often

You should only wax every 2-3 weeks, because waxing too often will make the skin vulnerable to frequent impacts. Not only that, if you regularly bleach the hairs that are too short, it will cause the hairs to tend to grow inward – these are very difficult hairs to handle.

Avoid "red light" days

During these "red lights", estrogen levels in a woman's body are low and waxing will increase and prolong the pain. So it's best to avoid waxing at this point.

Clean skin before and after waxing

Should you wax your own hair at home?
Clean skin before and after waxing

Thorough cleaning of the skin before and after waxing will help the hair removal process go more smoothly, and at the same time limit excess wax cream on the skin - causing pore blockage.

Direction of waxing

Always wax in the opposite direction of hair growth – this is the first rule when doing waxing. If the wax is in the wrong direction, not only will your hair not be cleaned, but the skin will also be damaged and dark.

Skin care after waxing

How to use hair wax at home
Nourish your skin with essential oils after waxing

Waxing will have a partial impact on the skin and hair follicles, making your skin prone to darkening. So, after waxing and cleaning the skin, you apply a cream to close the pores and make the skin softer and smoother.

Prepare yourself mentally (because it will hurt)

Waxing with wax will be painful, especially the first time. So for those of you who can't stand the pain, you should consider it.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about hair removal with wax cream and notes when use wax cream at home. While not the most effective method of hair removal, if done correctly it is a temporary hair removal that is worth a try. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a good skin! (Read more about High-tech hair removal service available at Miss Tram).

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