Check Out The Types of Acne That You Shouldn't Poke On Your Own

5 Types of Acne You Absolutely Do Not Squeeze Yourself. Skin Care To Prevent Acne Effectively

Check Out The Types of Acne That You Shouldn't Poke On Your Own

Many people have a habit of squeezing pimples when they see them appear on the skin of the face. However, this is a completely bad habit and can make acne worse. In particular, there are types of acne that are best not to be touched because they can cause great consequences for the skin, even dangerous to your health. Today's post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please take a look at the types of acne that are absolutely not allowed to pop at home.

Check Out The Types of Acne That You Shouldn't Poke On Your Own

1. Beard acne

Beard acne Acne is a very toxic type of acne, with a hard core and causing pain and redness on the skin. This type of acne usually appears on the skin around the mouth, chin, in the nose or around the nose due to skin infections (results from plucking, shaving, improperly squeezing acne, …).

What type of acne is absolutely not allowed to pop on your own?
Acne with beard type of acne is absolutely not allowed to pop on your own

Absolutely do not arbitrarily squeeze pimples, because improperly squeezing acne can cause bacteria to enter the venous system and lead to blood infection, cerebral thrombophlebitis, increasing the risk of death.

The best way to take care of the acne area is to use medical alcohol to lightly dab on the acne and surrounding skin to disinfect. Do not use your hands to pick at the pimple or apply any natural ingredients to the pimple. When the acne is ripe, it is best to go to a medical facility to have a doctor treat it with safe medical methods.

2. Acne

Milia is a type of acne formed due to a metabolic disorder under the skin. This type of acne is not harmful and usually grows in the area around the eyes. However, if this type of acne is not handled in time, it can spread and cause cosmetic loss to the face.

Types of acne that should not be squeezed
Acne-type skin tags are absolutely not allowed to pop

In addition, this is a type of acne that should absolutely not be squeezed, because:

+ first: the location of acne around the eyes - this is the location where there are important acupuncture points and should not be affected.

+ Monday: This type of acne does not have a nucleus. Therefore, squeezing acne only causes the skin to become swollen, scratched and susceptible to infection and infection, but has no effect on acne.

To remove skin tags effectively, you should go to reputable dermatology hospitals or beauty salons for the best treatment. Also, you can refer to how to remove milia around eyes To keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.

3. Acne at the tip of the nose, lips

Which acne should not pop?
Acne at the tip of the nose and lips is absolutely forbidden to pop

Pimples that grow on the tip of the nose or lips are not usually dangerous acne. However, they grow in positions with important acupuncture points and can affect the entire body if handled incorrectly or arbitrarily squeezed.

Ideally, you should regularly disinfect the acne area carefully. Then let them break and disinfect thoroughly according to the instructions of the dermatologist.

4. Cold sores

Types of acne should not be squeezed
Acne-type lip blisters are absolutely not allowed to pop on your own

Cold sores, also known as lip herpes, appear as nodules or small blisters on the lips, or around the mouth. This is a type of acne that absolutely should not be squeezed if you do not want the acne to spread faster and wider throughout the lips. Because, squeezing herpes will break the fluid containing the Herpes virus, causing the infection to spread to surrounding locations.

For small herpes, you just need to use topical medication (available at drugstores), combined with a diet rich in green vegetables, the acne will gradually disappear. If you find that acne is spreading or recurring, it is best to take the initiative to see a doctor for the best treatment.

5. Blackheads

Which acne should not be squeezed arbitrarily?
Blackheads of the type of acne must not be squeezed arbitrarily

Perhaps many people will be surprised that blackheads are a type of acne that absolutely should not be squeezed. Because this is a type of acne that is very easy to squeeze, just gently press the acne core to be pushed out. However, have you noticed that, after squeezing, the blackhead quickly returns and the more you squeeze it, the bigger the acne appears to be?

The cause is that the blackheads are very long and deep in the hair follicles. Squeezing acne only solves the blackhead outside the surface – and this is an opportunity for bacteria and dirt to penetrate deep into the skin, making acne worse and worse.

*** So, how to treat blackheads?

Blackheads are a type of acne that is difficult to heal and can be treated at home. You can use natural masks with antibacterial effects from egg whites, lemon juice, pure honey ... and best, should combine steam before applying the face to bring high efficiency. than. This is a safe way to clean the skin, reduce blackheads, prevent acne scars and prevent acne from returning. Explore more Blackhead on forehead: causes and effective treatment.

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The most effective way to prevent acne

Clean skin properly

Wash your face properly Regular use will help remove dirt, excess oil that causes acne. You should choose facial cleanser products that are suitable for your skin type and should stay away from fragranced cleansers that cause skin irritation.

In addition, it is necessary to remove makeup before going to bed because cosmetic residues from makeup, sunscreen are difficult to be cleaned with facial cleanser.

Besides, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin 1-2 times per week to remove dead skin and stubborn dirt that clogs pores.

How to prevent acne effectively
Clean skin properly

Moisturizing for the skin

A well-moisturized skin will balance the amount of oil on the skin, minimizing excess oil secretion - causing clogged pores and easy acne formation.

Do not arbitrarily pop acne

The secret to effective acne prevention
Squeezing pimples by hand can cause infection

Regardless of the type of acne, arbitrarily squeezing acne can be harmful to the skin and dangerous to health. In addition, squeezing pimples by hand can cause infection and make acne worse.

Thoroughly clean tools that come into contact with the skin

Items and tools that come into direct contact with the skin such as razors, tweezers, makeup brushes, towels, pillowcases and even phones often contain more bacteria than you think. If not cleaned regularly, this is one of the most potential causes of acne.

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Enhance acne-fighting foods

What to eat to prevent acne effectively?
Enhance acne-fighting foods

The addition of foods rich in vitamins - minerals and drinking enough water every day not only helps to keep the skin smooth, healthy and beautiful, but also helps protect the skin effectively against the negative effects of the external environment.

Above are the types of acne that absolutely should not be squeezed by yourself Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center want to share with you. Ideally, when you have acne, you need to clearly determine what the acne condition on the skin is to have an effective and safe treatment. With acne types that can be squeezed, you also need to wait until the acne kernel is completely cooked and disinfect the acne squeeze tool to avoid causing infection in the acne area. Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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