Hot Eyebrow Colors of the Year

Hot Eyebrow Colors of the Year

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Hot Eyebrow Colors of the Year

Color gamut for hot eyebrows


If not, you must immediately see Miss Tram's article so as not to be "outdated" and have more new suggestions to BE BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Chocolate Brown:

The group of sisters aged 25-30 quite love this color because it is not too old, nor too young, but it is also a bit luxurious when it appears on the eyebrows.

Chestnut brown:

Has been used since the end of 2018, but up to now, this color has not cooled down because it helps to enhance the contours and charisma of the face.

Smoke brown:

The color gamut is for people with a strong personality, expressing firmness but also hiding a seductive charm.

Coffee brown:

Not creating a rough feeling for the eyebrows, nor too prominent, so this color is favored by women with natural brown skin or tanned skin.

Reddish brown/bronze brown:

This color is easy to attract eyes, very suitable for people with not too white skin or those who have dyed their hair with a similar tone.


Experts consider dark brown a classic tone, suitable for many different ages and skin tones, especially those who love minimalist beauty. This is also a color that never goes out of style. However, when choosing dark brown eyebrows, you should also pay attention that you should not spray too dark, but must match the hair color so as not to age and harmonize with the face.

It is a fact that coffee brown and dark brown are not the original colors in eyebrow tattoo color, so it requires a technician to have certain mixing skills to perfectly coordinate the 2 colors. and brown.

Choosing for your eyebrows a suitable color to "dress up Tet" will also take you a lot of time. To save that time, you can visit directly at Miss Tram's facility, our experienced professionals will wholeheartedly advise you to make your choice easier.

Read more about the causes of eyebrow hair loss and effective ways to overcome and prevent it through the article:Eyebrows Are Falling Out Frequently What To Do"

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– Magic Shading eyebrow spray
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