Is Eyelid Spray a Comprehensive Diet?

Is Eyelid Spray Dietary?

NWhat are the things to note after eyelid spray? If you decide to use eyelid spray method to have a bigger and more beautiful eyes, then you need to note abstain from some of the following foods! 

Although the eyelid spray only has a slight effect on the eyelid skin, you do not have to abstain much. However, eating a lot of glutinous rice, water spinach, chicken, etc. can make the eyes itchy and color poorly. So, what should you abstain from eating to make your eyelids color perfect? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Specific instructions in the article below.

Notes After Eyelid Spray
Notes After Eyelid Spray

Tips For Some Things To Keep In Mind After Eyelid Spray

First, to have a proper look at this issue, let's find out what is eyelid spray? This is a method of using an embroidery sprayer with a micro-head to carefully go each small stroke on the eyelid contour area to bring the ink deep into the skin, change the pigmentation of the eyelid area, and help create the most beautiful eyelid border. Eyelid spray helps to overcome the defects of the baby's eyes, effective monolid eyes, making the eyes more beautiful and soulful than before.

Although the injector only slightly affects the eyelid skin, it does not cause bleeding, pain or swelling, nor does it take time to rest or abstain. But proper care will help the tattooed area to recover quickly and help the eyelids to have the best color.

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Care for sprayed eyelids properly

Eyelid care after spraying
Care for sprayed eyelids properly
  • After spraying eyelids, you need to limit water and cosmetics that affect the eyelids to avoid affecting the recovery process of the eyelids.
  • Absolutely do not use pencil or eyeliner to draw eyelids, avoid affecting the eyelid color.
  • You should drink a lot of water, eat a lot of green vegetables and fruits, especially those rich in vitamin C to help the eyelids heal quickly and become beautiful.
  • It is necessary to limit eating spicy foods, limit tears, absolutely do not rub your eyes because this will affect the skin around the eyes.

In addition, you should abstain from some of the following foods to avoid bad effects on the eyelid area.


Beef: food should not be eaten after eyelid spraying
You should abstain from beef until your eyelids heal completely

This is the top food on the list of foods to avoid after eyelid surgery. Because beef is rich in nutrients, it causes darkening of the skin, causing the eyelids to become dull, losing the necessary naturalness. You should abstain from beef until your eyelids heal completely.


Although the injector only has a very slight impact on the skin, it is best to abstain from water spinach to ensure maximum safety, to avoid long-term swelling or keloid scars and poor aesthetics.

sticky rice

Since ancient times, sticky rice has been known as the main cause of festering of open wounds. So, abstinence will minimize the damage to the eyelid area, helping this skin area to recover quickly.


note after spraying eyelids
Limit eating chicken after spraying eyelids

Although chicken is delicious but quite toxic, you should limit eating chicken after eyelid spraying to avoid this skin area being itchy and uncomfortable.


In addition, if you are prone to allergies, you should also limit seafood, because seafood contains many foreign proteins and histamine, so it is easy to cause irritation for some people.

note after spraying eyelids
Seafood contains many foreign proteins and histamine, so it is easy to cause irritation

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