What To Do When Spraying Broken Lips? Common

What To Do When Spraying Broken Lips?

Spray lips is the "powerful weapon" of women on the beauty scale by quickly promoting beauty and bringing youthfulness. However, not all lip spray cases are 100% successful, it is easy to encounter many "accidents" such as unsatisfactory lip color, damaged spray, dark lips. So how to fix this. Let's Miss Tram VietNam Find out:

How to handle broken lip spray?
How to handle broken lip spray?

Things To Do Urgently When Spraying Broken Lips

For swollen lips, mild infections:

  • You should disinfect your lips with physiological saline, then apply a specialized application to reduce swelling.
  • After 1 to 2 days with no signs of recovery, immediately go to the hospital to check, determine the cause and timely treatment.

For the case of blistered, swollen lips:

  • Clean with salt water and apply Acyclovir according to the instructions from the specialist.
  • Go to the nearest medical facility for a follow-up check-up before the condition worsens.

For the case of lips without color, dark:

  • Use lip color enhancer cream and replenish the body with lots of water and nutrients.
  • If there is no change, it is recommended to reapply lips, the appropriate interval is 2 months.

With the above "salvage" methods, it will help you handle it promptly as well as gain experience in choosing a beauty facility. Quality reputation to avoid "money lost disability". (Refer to the Common problems after lip spray for the safest solution).

Miss Tram is a beauty center that meets the needs of beauty lips for women from A - Z by:

  • Modern equipment, innovative technology does not cause pain.
  • Safe, benign lip spray ink from Korea, Japan, Germany, the US, with a free lip mile warranty up to 02 years when using US Queen ink quality.

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The Current Favorite Lip Beauty Cosmetic Methods:

  • Korean technology Crystal lip spray (suitable for both men and women).
  • Spray Crystal Collagen Lips.
  • Spray the Queen's lips.
  • Stem cell lip spray
  • Micro-lip sculpt.
  • Collagen crystal lip sculpture.
  • Stem cell lip sculpting.
  • Natural lip sculpting for men.
  • Treat dark spots and spray natural lips for both men and women.

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