All About Eyelid Spray That You Need To Know Documents

All About Eyelid Spray That You Need To Know

Beauty by method Spray cosmetic tattooing increasingly popular because of its convenience, fastness, low cost and natural and long-lasting beauty for women. Along with the development of eyebrow and lip tattoo services; Eyelid tattoo spray It is also becoming a trend because this method not only beautifies the eyelids but also improves the defects of the eyes. To give customers the most comprehensive overview, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please answer frequently asked questions about eyelid spray method.

Everything You Need to Know About Eyelid Spray 

1. What is eyelid spray?

Things to know about eyelid spray
What is eyelid spray? Should beauty with eyelid spray

Spray eyelid is a method of using an embroidery sprayer with a micro-head to carefully go each small stroke on the eyelid contour area to bring the ink deep into the skin, change the eyelid pigment, and help create the most beautiful eyelid border. This beauty method is quite simple, quick and inexpensive to make the eyes more beautiful and rounder, so it is loved by many women. (Method reference Korean eyelid spray Hottest today).

Spraying eyelids not only helps the eyes look sharper but also overcomes the defects of the eyes such as:

  • Small eyes
  • Uneven eyes, big side and small side
  • Eyelids are slightly drooping
  • Indistinct eyelid creases, liner, thin eyelids.

2. Is eyelid spray safe?

Who should not spray eyelids?

Eyelid spray is a way to correct defects or simply bring more perfection on your eyes. However, in case you are pregnant or are in your period, you should not go for eyelid tattooing. In addition, if your health is having problems or your skin is extremely sensitive, you should share it with a specialist to be examined and given the best advice.

Is eyelid spray safe?

beautiful standard eyelid spray technology
Spray beautiful eyelids at a prestigious spa

The eyelids are the closest contact area with the eyes, so women are often worried that eyelid spraying will affect their eyes. However, this method only uses an embroidery sprayer with a micro-head to carefully go each small stroke on the eyelid contour to bring the ink deep into the skin, completely without affecting the nervous system, so absolutely. IS NOT affect vision.

But in order for eyelid spraying to take place safely and achieve the best results, you should choose reputable beauty facilities. Because the purpose of eyelid spray is to improve the defects and bring natural beauty to the eyes. At prestigious beauty facilities like Miss Tram, the eyelid spraying process is carried out according to a strict process using modern tattoo spray technology, quality ink and needles are traveled by highly qualified technicians. . Committed to bringing professional services, quality and absolute safety to customers.

beautiful eyelid spray spa hcm
Results before and after eyelid spray

Besides, Miss Tram VietNam There is also a warranty after spraying, because the eyelid spraying process is not always 100% perfect right from the first time. The reason is that in addition to the strict implementation process, the location and post-spray care of the customer also greatly affect the results of eyelid tattooing. In this case, the customer will be added ink to make the eyelid color as desired.

3. Is eyelid injection painful?

Does eyelid spraying cause pain what you need to know about eyelid spraying?

During the eyelid spraying process, the technician will conduct a thorough cleaning of the eyelid area, then take appropriate anesthetic measures, so that the customer does not experience pain and the eyelid spraying process goes smoothly. After the anesthetic wears off, you will feel a little burning and stinging. However, this feeling is very normal and gradually subsides, completely disappearing after about 3 days. (Tutorial eyelid anesthesia technique safest for KTV Spa).

4. How does the eyelid spray process take place?

  • Step 1: Examination and consultation

The esthetician examines the client's eyelids and current health, advises the client on how to do it, and helps the client choose the right type of spray and color for the eyelid tattoo.

  • Step 2: Clean the eyelid area and numb it in place

The technician conducts a thorough cleaning of the area eyelid, then take appropriate anesthetic measures, so that the eyelid spraying process takes place smoothly.

  • Step 3: Spray eyelids
How is the eyelid spray procedure what you need to know about eyelid spraying
Eyelid spray procedure at Miss Tram

The technician proceeds to spray the eyelids according to the correct technique from the middle of the eye to the end of the eye and the tip of the eye. Spray 5-6 times until both eyelids are even, beautiful and sharp.

  • Step 4: Clean the eye area just sprayed

The technician cleans the eye area, applies Vaseline or ointment immediately to keep the beautiful eye color.

After spraying the eyelids, the technician will take the customer to check the results and advise the notes when taking care of the eyelids after spraying so that the skin can quickly recover and up to the standard color.

5. How should I take care of my eyelids after spraying?

eyelid care after spraying things to know about eyelid spray phun
After eyelid spraying, it is necessary to have a reasonable care regimen

Although the injector process only has a slight impact on the eyelid skin, it does not cause bleeding, pain or swelling at all, nor does it take time to rest or abstinence. (Instructions on how to handle when spray swollen eyelids safest and most effective).

Proper care will help the tattooed area to recover quickly and help the eyelids to have the best color:

  • Limit water and cosmetics that affect the eyelids to avoid affecting the recovery process.
  • Absolutely do not use pencil or eyeliner to draw eyelids, avoid affecting the eyelid color.
  • Should drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits to provide many vitamins for the body, especially fruits rich in vitamin C to help the eyelids heal quickly and become beautiful.
  • Do not rub your eyes as this will affect the skin around the eyes.
  • Absolutely do not eat spicy food to limit tears.
  • Abstain from foods such as beef, water spinach, chicken, sticky rice, eggs, seafood – these foods are easy to cause allergies and cause swelling, so it is best to abstain after the eyelid area is fully recovered. whole.

6. How long does eyelid spray keep?

Eyelid spray lifespan: what you need to know about eyelid spray
Eyelid spray time can be kept

Normally, eyelid color retention lasts from 3 to 5 years depending on factors such as: modern injection technology, high quality inkjet ink, the technician's needle level, the eyelid spraying process. ensure each stage and post-spray care and warranty.

To have bigger and more perfect eyes eyelid spray is a great choice. However, you need to choose a reputable cosmetic facility so that the process is safe and the results after spraying meet the most expectations. Above is all about eyelid spray Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center want to share. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy eyes!

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