Instructions on How to Take Care of Your Face When You Have Allergies Remember

Instructions on how to take care of your face when you have allergies

Changing weather, foods or cosmetics containing irritants can all cause problems on your skin. If not cared for properly, the allergy will be severe and even leave many unpredictable consequences in terms of aesthetics.

The Safest and Most Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Allergic Face

Causes of skin allergies

Our skin has an immune system, and it is in charge of preventing bad influences from entering the body. When an adverse factor attacks, this immune system will immediately play its role, but sometimes it overreacts, transmitting antibodies to fight the invading factor. As a result, the skin will appear symptoms such as itching, redness, dry skin or blistering. (Guide How to treat acne & emergency redness due to allergies safest and most effective).

What should I do if my skin is allergic?
Facial allergies and effective treatment

Dermatologists refer to this as contact dermatitis. And we have 2 main groups:

  • Allergies occur when skin cells are exposed to harsh chemicals
  • Allergies occur when the body reacts to external factors by producing a series of allergic triggers

On the face, our condition mostly comes from the use of inappropriate cosmetics. Many cosmetics contain compounds that exceed the threshold or because the skin is too sensitive, always sending signals to generate a defense mechanism.

People who are allergic to ingredients in cosmetics often experience itching in episodes, accompanied by symptoms of skin redness, rash, and inflammatory acne. Mild, the skin will clear up on its own after a few days, if the person is type sensitive skin In severe cases, the situation will become more complicated.

Not to mention, the itching on the skin is extremely uncomfortable and if we do not control it, we can cause scratches and severe inflammation on the skin.

What to do when the skin is allergic to the facial skin?

If your skin is sensitive type, be absolutely careful when using any care product, even if it's a cream or maybe a moisturizer. sunscreen. The old but important advice is to test a small amount of the product on a thin area of ​​skin to see if it's safe for you.

How to care for allergic skin
Care must be taken when the skin of the face is allergic

In case of an allergic reaction, it is important to take reasonable care, avoid applying treatment products indiscriminately because they can make your condition worse. (Tip Identify skin with cosmetic allergy the most standard you must know).

When the skin becomes itchy, red, you need to do the following:

  • Must enhance skin hygiene, limit exposure to dust, sunlight, heat or other sources of pollution;
  • Use physiological saline to clean your face, temporarily avoid soaps, even though they are familiar ones you are using;
  • Do not wear makeup or apply skin care and whitening products during this period;
  • Do not touch your face with your hands because it can cause infection;
  • If the face has acne, do not squeeze because this is an inflammatory acne, easy to cause ugly scars;
  • Pay attention to your lifestyle, drink lots of water, eat lots of green vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. Foods with hard, fishy properties should be avoided because they are more likely to cause severe irritation;
  • People who are allergic should avoid drinking coffee, strong tea, and alcoholic beverages to help stabilize the metabolism and help the skin heal;

Severe allergic reactions should consult a dermatologist to be prescribed the appropriate medication. Self-medicating or taking antibiotics of the wrong type or dose will make the condition worse, causing serious damage to the skin.

General, allergy facial care It's not too complicated, as long as you pay attention to keep the skin clean and avoid contact with inflammatory factors or chemicals, and add therapeutic compounds in a reasonable way, you can quickly improve the condition. present. good luck!

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