Group of Customers Note Not To Connect Eyelashes

Group of Customers Note Not To Connect Eyelashes

|Q&A| Who is the group of customers who should note not to use eyelash extensions?

Reality show Eyelash extensions brings a lot of benefits to women, the most typical is being able to change the appearance "instantly" and save a lot of time for daily makeup.

Group of Customers Note Not To Connect Eyelashes
Customers who should not apply eyelash extensions

However, it must also be revealed that there are a few cases where customers come to Miss Tram and are quite surprised when they are "rejected" to perform the service. Because simply, from the perspective of an expert, Miss Tram finds that asking for the "support" of false eyelashes in that case is not necessary or it can bring some disadvantages to women.

So don't be sad when you're in the customer group SHOULD NOT connect me!

Customers of the following groups are particularly aware of this issue by Miss Tram:

  • Eye diseases: sore eyes; styes; red eyes and are using medication prescribed by the doctor; eye allergy or live watery eyes (blockage of the lacrimal gland).
  • Abnormal eyelash condition: ie eyelashes show signs of growing inward instead of growing outwards as usual; natural eyelashes that still fall out too much even though no beauty treatments have been applied to them.
  • The skin around the eyes is weak and sensitive; have had LASIK surgery recently; permanent makeup; eye lift; micro-dermabrasion (superconducting dermabrasion); chemical peels; using Retin-A, Accutane or medication acne treatment.
  • Customers cannot perform or maintain according to the instructions of the specialist after eyelash extensions.

Although it is not suitable for eyelash extensions to be beautiful immediately, but do not be too sad, because you can still immediately apply other options such as: using coconut oil, applying vaseline, applying gel Aloe vera or eating foods that help you grow longer.

Although the effect will not appear immediately, but if you persevere, it is still possible to own new and thicker eyelashes.

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