10 Basic Rules When Using Red Lipstick Strategically

10 Basic Rules When Using Red Lipstick

Red lipstick Although it is the original lipstick color, it is indispensable in the "collection" of lipsticks of beauty believers. Because this color tone not only makes the lips more attractive and sexy, but also exudes a confident - powerful - arrogant attitude on a woman's face. In particular, no matter how the "trend" changes, the red lipstick line is always trendy, classy and never outdated.

So, how to use red lipstick properly? luxurious - fine - smooth Best? Do not skip the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Basic Rules When Using Red Lipstick

1 Don't forget to exfoliate your lips

No matter what lipstick you use, how you apply lipstick, you should regularly exfoliate your lips every 1-2 days. This care step will remove dead cells, dry lip skin and ensure softer lips. Thanks to that, the lipstick process will be evenly colored and smooth, much more glossy.

how to use red lipstick
Exfoliate lips every 1-2 days

note: Because Exfoliating Lips often, so give priority to natural recipes such as: olive oil + brown sugar, coconut oil + coffee grounds, ... and moisturize your lips right after that to keep your lips soft and healthy.

2 Choose a tone that matches your skin tone

Red lipstick has many different shades, so it is not easy for everyone to find their own "true love". Therefore, you can refer to Tips to choose red lipstick that matches your skin tone by the following simple formula:

  • If you have light skin tone: Choose raspberry red, rose red.
  • If you have brown skin tone: Give priority to brick red, orange red.

Of course, the charisma on your face will be the deciding factor, but choosing the right lipstick color for your skin will help your face be more harmonious and perfect.

3 Don't be afraid to mix

how to apply red lipstick beautifully
Mixing lipstick colors will create many special personality colors for you

Lipstick in the end is only for the purpose of increasing freshness and expressing the user's personality. Therefore, what color lipstick to use, how to use it will largely depend on your style and feelings - these factors are always changing, so don't be afraid to experiment and mix lipstick colors. .

In particular, red lipstick is the most primitive and basic lipstick color - from this color gamut, you can create for yourself a lot of different colors. Don't be afraid to experiment!

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4 Prioritize matte lipstick instead of lip gloss

The red tone is extremely prominent, so just a little bit of color smearing, a little bit of tooth stick or a little bit of sticking to the glass will make you awkward. So it's best to use matte lipstick instead of lip gloss to minimize the above risks.

5 Make sure they don't smudge

How to use beautiful red lipstick
Make sure the red lipstick doesn't smudge

Of course, the perfection of the lips will greatly affect your "elegant" point. And the smudged lipstick will make you lose a lot of points. So, in addition to checking your lips carefully after applying lipstick, bring a small mirror to check your lips from time to time.

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6 Should create lip contour with lipstick

Using a lip pencil to create a lip line first will help you define the lip frame clearly, this lipstick will also help you "cheat" the thickness of the lips most naturally. Therefore, if you want to have a fuller, fuller and sexy red lips, it is best to use more lipstick.

7 Using a brush will have a softer lip color

Many girls think that brushes are only for professional makeup artists, and normally just lipstick with lipstick is enough.

But actually, the more "fuzzy chicken", the more you need to use this type of tool. Because according to the experience of makeup believers, makeup brushes will help you spread lipstick more evenly, especially the corners of your lips and bold lip lines.

how to apply red lipstick beautifully
Using a brush will have a softer lip color

8 "Reduce" other parts of the face

Red lipstick itself is an extremely prominent color, so once you have used them, you need to limit other details on the face. Don't make your eyebrows too bold, don't press your cheeks too openly, don't have too "deep" eyes. Because they will make your face become gaudy and "inferior".

Hint: Choose light eyeshadow, thin eyeliner and moderate mascara – this will help your face look more harmonious.

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9 Pay attention to the outfit

Red lipstick color is quite suitable for personality style, elegant and slightly power. So to have the best look, you should use neutral colors such as white, black, gray, beige for your outfits. Therefore, the black dress-red lipstick combination is the perfect "combo" if you want to score "elegant".

10 Ton sur ton nail polish

beautiful red lipstick makeup
Ton sur ton nail polish

The ton sur ton effect of red lipstick and nail polish is just a small highlight, but they will score "absolute" for your sophistication. Especially, in luxurious dinner parties, this style will make you stand out much more.
However, do this with classic, deep reds only – bright reds also make you stand out, but only less luxurious.

Choose which lip cosmetic method is right for you

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about the most standard red lipstick rules that girls need to know. Lipstick is a "weapon" to help the face become fresher and more attractive, but to use it effectively, you also need to practice a lot. Don't give up!

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