Why Acne Hidden Under The Skin And Interesting Effective Treatment

Why Acne Hiding Under The Skin And How To Treat It Effectively


Why Acne Hidden Under The Skin And Interesting Effective Treatment

Among the common types of acne, hidden acne is the type of acne that is not easily treated, but if you know how, you can "cope" extremely simply.

In this sharing, Miss Tram will only focus on REASON , and TREATMENT be so brief!

According to research, there are many causes of acne under the skin, some of the main causes can be listed as follows:

- Facial hygiene is not clean
Your skin is too sensitive and easily irritated by external factors.
Use of poor quality cosmetics or unreasonable skin care.
– Hormonal disorders and changes, depending on the location of each person
Regular makeup without paying attention to clean and proper makeup removal, causing makeup to accumulate on the skin, blocking pores, leading to hidden acne.
- Unstable lifestyle, mental stress or lack of sleep for a long time, ...

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 Once the cause is identified, the solution and treatment will become very simple, right? However, Miss Tram also reminds you to absolutely comply with the following principles if you do not want to be forever "clinged" by hidden acne:

▪️ Thorough makeup removal:

After applying makeup, you should use creams and makeup removers to remove dirt on your face

▪️ Clean facial skin:

In addition to washing your face with water, you can also use a specialized cleanser for acne skin for a deeper cleansing.

▪️ Exfoliating dead skin cells:

Regular exfoliation will help your skin clean more deeply, absorb nutrients from creams and beauty products better and limit hidden acne.

▪️ Steam, apply masks regularly to help detoxify and purify the skin.

Hope the above sharing of Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center It will help you to overcome the current acne situation. Miss Tram is always ready to listen and advise you in case of need, so don't forget to send us questions!

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