Learn About Melasma, Dark Skin During Pregnancy Reference

Understanding Melasma, Dark Skin During Pregnancy

Pregnant And giving birth is a noble vocation of a woman. However, during this time, the mother's body has a lot of negative physical and mental changes due to abnormal changes in hormones. In there, melasma and tan are considered the skin conditions that make pregnant women worry the most. Because they not only affect the aesthetics, but they are also very difficult to treat later.

And most importantly, melasma - dark skin during pregnancy Does it affect fetal development? This paragraph Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share all about melasma and tanning during pregnancy.

Why Pregnant Women Are Easier To Melasma And Dark Skin.

1. Melasma, dark skin during pregnancy affect the fetus?

During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many hormonal changes. This can cause dark spots on the skin – this dark, pigmented condition is sometimes called the mask of pregnancy. Because these faint spots often appear in the areas around the lips, cheeks, nose, and forehead of pregnant women.

What should pregnant women do with melasma?

Why are pregnant women prone to melasma?

Other parts of the mother's body can also appear melasma and tan if regularly exposed to the sun. In particular, other parts such as nipples, private areas, and armpits are also darker during pregnancy.

According to research, melasma and tanning during pregnancy are completely harmless to the health of the mother's body, especially the development of the fetus. However, this skin condition is unsightly, causing many moms to look for ways to get rid of them. If using methods and products to remove melasma of unknown origin, the health of mother and baby may be affected.

Experience Using Cosmetics Safely For Pregnant Women 

2. Causes of melasma and darkening of the skin during pregnancy

Probably everyone writes about melanin - the pigment that determines the color of a person's skin, hair and eye color. During pregnancy, hormonal changes cause the production of melanin to increase dramatically. This makes the skin of pregnant women tend to darken and appear dark spots on the skin. In addition, melasma - darkening of the skin is more likely to appear during pregnancy with other causes such as:

Causes of skin pigmentation in pregnant women

Stress, Stress is one of the causes of melasma during pregnancy

  • Dark-skinned people are more prone to melasma than light-skinned people.
  • There are many people in the family with melasma.
  • Skin care and protection is not good during pregnancy.
  • Poor diet and stress during pregnancy.

So is the brown stripe on the belly during pregnancy related to melasma, tanning?

Brown stripes on the abdomen are also formed by the process of overproduction of melanin. However, this is a sugar already present in the body, they only turn from white to brown in a few months of pregnancy. After that, this brown sugar will gradually fade and return to its original color.

Brown streaks are considered a "process" of pregnancy and cannot be prevented. Therefore, they are not associated with melasma, tanning during pregnancy.

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Could dark spots that change color be a dangerous skin condition?

Melasma and dark skin during pregnancy is considered a common skin condition that many pregnant women encounter during pregnancy. However, if these dark spots change in color, shape, size, pain, itching, or grow up like a mole, you need to see a doctor right away. Because this is not darkening, melasma but can be a sign of skin cancer or a certain disease.

3. Does melasma during pregnancy go away on its own?

Usually, the dark spots that appear during pregnancy will fade on their own and disappear after you give birth. However, in some cases there will still be traces of melasma (not completely gone). Therefore, in order for melasma and tan to quickly disappear after giving birth, you can refer to some of the following safe treatment methods:

how to prevent melasma during pregnancy

Safe and effective skin pigmentation treatments during pregnancy

  • Use specialized skin care products to remove melasma and whiten skin (need to choose quality and safe products).
  • Ask a dermatologist to prescribe the right medication (most will be prescribed skin whitening creams containing hydroquinone or tretinoin, …).
  • Use laser therapy (this method is usually not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, so at least after 6 months, your doctor can plan a course for you).

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4. How to prevent melasma during pregnancy

If melasma and tanning during pregnancy do not go away on their own after giving birth, they are often very difficult to treat. Therefore, during pregnancy, you need to have careful skin care and protection methods to prevent their occurrence. Some tips to effectively prevent melasma during pregnancy that Miss Tram wants to share with you:

Learn About Melasma, Dark Skin During Pregnancy Reference

Pregnant women should choose a healthy diet that is good for the body and the fetus

  • Always wear sunscreen: You can't prevent hormonal changes during pregnancy, but you can prevent external causes of melasma by using sunscreen daily. Besides, always cover and protect your skin carefully with sunscreen, masks, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats.
  • Healthy dietDiet: Diet during pregnancy is very important, because it not only affects the health of the mother but also determines the comprehensive development of the baby. However, pregnant mothers need to ensure a balanced nutrition, avoid emotional eating to ensure the best health and beauty for the body and skin. Eating healthy also helps prevent melasma, darkening in a very good way.
  • Use healthy skin care cosmetics: Natural cosmetics are always interested by many pregnant women. However, you need to choose reputable brands and have a clear origin to ensure that the skin and fetus are not affected.
  • Keep your mind at easeStress: Stress not only makes the skin more prone to pigmentation, but also affects the development of the fetus. Therefore, always keep the spirit of optimism and comfort.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about melasma, dark skin during pregnancy. Although it is a common skin condition, pregnant women can completely prevent it by taking care and protecting the skin carefully from the inside out. And if you already have melasma, it's okay, because your baby's development is always a top priority. After giving birth, please contact Miss Tram for the fastest treatment advice.

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