Causes And Treatment Of Acne On The Cheeks Advice

Causes And Treatment Of Acne On The Cheeks

Causes And Treatment Of Acne On The Cheeks


“Hello Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, my daughter is 16 years old this year, is in puberty, so she has a lot of acne. In particular, recently, I have very severe acne on my cheeks. I took him to the hospital for examination and medication, but his acne still didn't get better. Hope the center will give you advice and how to treat acne on the cheeks thoroughly. I sincerely thank!"

(Ms. Ngoc Diep, 45 years old, HCMC)

Acne on cheeks: causes and treatment
Acne on cheeks: causes and treatment


Hi Miss Diep, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Many thanks for this question. This is one of the acne problems that many young people care about. You should note that cystic acne is the most severe type of acne, with the risk of leaving scar, very high concave scars.

Acne The first manifestation is small, slightly lumpy, red pimples, causing itching, burning pain, when the acne is broken, there is both blood and pus. Acne can grow separately or in patches, soften and have a red head. And the cause of acne on the cheeks is due to bacteria and dirt that stick for a long time in the clogged pores, causing inflammation, spreading deep inside the skin. (Refer to the Acne treatment suitable for each skin type you must know).

Other causes acne mainly due to endocrine factors (hormones). When the body is hormonally disturbed, especially during puberty, the risk of acne is obvious. The influence of polluted environment, weather, lack of nutrition, improper rest, staying up late, so the sebaceous glands located under the skin increase activity, causing the hair follicles to become clogged. Congested by fluid and sebum more than usual, creating favorable conditions for bacteria to multiply, causing inflammation leading to the formation of cysts.

In addition, one of the many other causes of acne that many people don't know is due to a lack of zinc in the body. There are many people with acne on the cheeks that often have secretory glands that produce too much oil while the skin cells are not produced quickly. Overactive oil glands and excess dead cells are an ideal place for bacteria to grow.

acne treatment on cheeks
The condition of acne on the cheeks is getting worse

How to effectively treat acne on cheeks

In addition to complying with the treatment of acne according to the instructions of the doctor, you should have a reasonable diet for people with acne. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will suggest you some of the following tips:

  • Drink plenty of water: Providing enough water every day for the body, in addition to helping the metabolism to take place effectively, is also very good for the treatment of acne. Drinking a lot of water helps your skin to be more rosy, healthy and thanks to that acne also gradually disappears faster.
  • Zinc supplements for the body: Zinc has a side effect of softening the skin, antibacterial ... so adding zinc to the body is a very good way to treat acne at the root. The addition of zinc helps the sebaceous glands work in moderation, making the pores open and clean, and making it difficult for bacteria to penetrate and cause acne. Every day you should take 30-120 mg of zinc to supplement the body. Foods containing zinc such as eggs, cereals, mussels, fish, crabs, oysters, ..
  • Supplement with fatty acids: fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-9 are essential acids, help control androgen levels, prevent excess sebum in pores, hair follicle glands Helps reduce the cause of acne.
  • You should remember to get enough sleep. At least 7-8 hours/day.
  • Live and work reasonably. Limiting staying up late, waking up late will make the body tired but also prone to acne.
  • Besides, you should also clean your face properly and do not abuse cosmetics because they can make your acne skin condition worse.

Through this sharing, surely Ms. Diep also understands the cause and effective treatment of acne at home for her child. If the situation does not improve, Ms. Diep can let her daughter visit Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. The experienced and knowledgeable experts of Miss Tram will review and evaluate the acne situation to offer the most appropriate and effective solution for you. (How to guide acne treatment under chin standard, safe at home).

For details on how to treat acne on cheeks, please contact the hotline 1900 7018 of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center for a FREE consultation!

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