Causes of Acne Treatment Never End in Men Belief

The Cause of Men's Acne Never Ends Hết

Acne is a skin problem that makes both women and male worry when encountering. In particular, in men, there are many cases of "living with" acne because there is no radical treatment. 

The reason is that men have very little knowledge about skin care and do not understand how to treat acne. Therefore, despite the appropriate treatment, the acne condition is still not reduced. Let's learn more about this issue through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

The Cause of Men's Acne Never Ends Hết

1. The cause of acne is unknown

Why do men treat acne forever? Because men only know that their face has acne, but do not know why acne appears on their face.

The cause of acne treatment does not go away in men
The cause of acne treatment does not go away because you do not know where acne is caused

There are many causes of acne such as:

  • External causes: dirt, sunlight, irritating cosmetics, dirty water, etc. make men's skin weak, skin resistance declines - creating conditions for bacteria to raging.
  • The inner cause: Excess oil is secreted on the skin too much, causing clogged pores (due to hormones, unhealthy diet and lifestyle). Plus, improper skin care and protection causes dirt and dead cells to accumulate on the pores - creating the perfect environment for acne bacteria to form.

When determining the cause of acne, men need to find a way to improve those causes so that acne is treated thoroughly and does not recur. (Refer to Diet for people with endocrine acne current standards).

2. Don't care about acne problems early on

acne treatment for men
Don't care about early acne, the cause of acne treatment will not go away

Men's skin most often appears acne during puberty. At this time, the skin is very healthy and has a very fast recovery and regeneration, so the acne often reduces after that.

However, after the age of 20, if you subjectively do not take care of and protect your skin, acne is the thing that destroys the skin most seriously. When the skin is damaged, the skin will lose its resistance, the skin will be weaker and over time will lead to premature aging - at this time it will be difficult for the skin to recover and regenerate as the original.

So, when the first acne started mụn, you need to pay attention and find ways to treat acne so that acne does not develop and spread to other skin areas. This will help you easily treat acne and keep your skin healthy and youthful for your age.

3. Maintain bad habits

Bad habits seem not to be harmful to the skin, but in fact, its impact is terrible, especially there are habits that can be the direct cause of acne on your face:

Squeeze pimples with your hands

Note when treating acne for men
Do not use your hands to squeeze acne

This is the mistake most men make. Because this is the habit that makes you feel extremely "felicitous" when manually removing the obnoxious acne on his face. However, in exchange for that feeling, the skin damaged by bacteria on the nail will invade the open wound. Not only that, if you squeeze acne the wrong way, if you do not squeeze all the acne, the acne will recur more and more serious. (Refer Acne treatment suitable for each skin type you must know).

Frequently touching your face

Just like squeeze acneIf you often touch your face with your hands, it will create conditions for bacteria from your hands to penetrate the acne spots, making acne more and more serious.

Using the wrong face wash

Using the wrong face wash causes acne treatment forever
Using the wrong facial cleanser

To choose the right cleanser, men need to understand their skin. You are type oily skin, dry skin, combination skin or sensitive skin? From there, there will be choices of effective skin care cosmetics.

In particular, during acne, you also need to use mild cleansers because the skin at this time will be more sensitive and vulnerable than usual.

Facial skin in contact with dirty objects

Contact with dirty objects causes acne treatment forever
Frequent contact with dirty objects on the face

Phones, pillowcases, masks, towels, razors are objects that often come into direct contact with men's skin. These items contain a lot of bacteria if not cleaned regularly. Especially phones – according to research, phones contain more bacteria than toilet seats. Therefore, you should limit listening to the phone close to the cheek to limit the risk of causing this acne.

4. Don't know how to take care of basic skin

Not as sophisticated as women, men's skin care only needs to ensure the following two factors: cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

Clean skin properly

acne skin care for men
Wash your face properly

Washing your face is the most basic skin care step of men. Daily use of facial cleanser will help remove excess residue, dirt and bacteria on the skin, help clear skin and prevent acne and dermatological problems. Ideally, men should wash their face with cleanser twice a day in the morning and at night to keep the skin clean.

In addition, men's skin needs to be exfoliated 2-3 times a week to remove the outer layer of dead skin, making the skin softer and brighter. Regular exfoliation helps the skin to breathe, nutrients easily penetrate deep into the skin and effectively prevent acne.

  • Sufficient moisture for the skin

Note when treating acne for men
Always provide enough moisture for the skin

Every man should invest in at least one moisturizing product. Because the outside has a lot of bad effects that make the skin lose moisture. If you don't moisturize every day, your skin will look dull. Not to mention, when the skin loses moisture for too long, you will be at greater risk of acne and your skin will age very quickly in old age. (Tutorial how to reduce swelling after squeezing acne the most widely used standard today).

Note, in order for the moisturizer to be most effective, men should pay attention to choosing products that are suitable for their skin.

Above are the What causes men to have acne problems? and endless treatment. You need to overcome the above causes to control acne on the face. In addition, after successful acne treatment, you should also take care of your skin thoroughly so that the skin can completely recover and be the healthiest – to avoid the recurrence of acne. Hope this article will be useful to you, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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