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After Eyelash Extensions, Tears Don't Stop

|Question – Answer| After Eyelash Extensions, Tears Don't Stop

Causes of eyelash extensions tearing
Causes of eyelash extensions tearing

If the natural eyelashes are thin, thin, not curved enough and thick as desired, lash extensions in that case are always thought of first by women instead of other options.

Immediately after the connection is complete, it immediately "shines" to help the eyes look more sparkling - more attractive. There are a couple of times when #TeamMissTram received a message asking for urgent support because "After applying eyelash extensions, the sisters had tears in their eyes" when performing at other facilities.

This symptom can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Poor quality eyelash extensions, falling into the inside of the eye.
  • Eyes are not well protected from natural agents: dust, foreign objects, cold, hot air, infection...
  • The eye area is too sensitive when affected by ingredients from glue or -polyester (false eyelash material).
  • Damaged by overusing eye makeup after eyelash extensions.
  • Skilled KTV is still weak accidentally causing the glue to fall into the eye.
  • The tools used in the eyelash extension procedure are not hygienic.
  • ...

Those are all possible causes of an overactive tear duct – tearing acts as a protective “action” for the eyes. When you encounter this phenomenon, please "don't mess" but handle it like this:

  • Pay attention to how long the tearing time lasts, if it persists for a few days, immediately go to a specialist to examine the specific situation and give the appropriate remedy.
  • The tearing time is shorter (a few hours right after the connection), then go to your eyelash extension therapist to find out the cause, it is necessary to remove the eyelash extension to ensure the safety of your eyes.

In addition, to avoid unfortunate consequences that may affect the eyes after eyelash extensions, it is necessary to consider choosing a reputable facility, hygienic equipment and skilled KTV. These factors are quite important because they directly affect people's beauty results.

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