The Last Cause of Larger Skin Pores

Causes of Larger Skin Pores

Big pores It's one of those things that no one wants. Because when the pores are large, it makes the skin less smooth, uneven, making the face look much darker. So why does the skin have the problem of large pores? This is probably a big question mark for a lot of people.

So, with this article, Miss Tram Spa I want to give you some information about the causes of large pores, please refer to it.

Causes of Larger Skin Pores

There are many different causes of enlarged pores on your skin. Identifying the cause can help you find effective solutions to help shrink your pores. Here are some of the main causes:

1. Due to heredity

Genetic factors make pores bigger
Genetic factors make pores bigger

The first and most common cause is genetics. The skin of each person is born with a unique structural feature that is unlike any other in the world's 7 billion people. And those traits are often inherited from the parents' genes.

Many studies have shown that, if one parent has oily skin, large pores chances are high that you will also inherit those traits. (Instruct how to whiten face, tighten pores safest and most effective).

2. Due to oily skin and oil secretion

What causes skin pores to become larger?
Oily skin and oil secretion is the cause of larger pores

Oil is the cause of enlarged pores. They open pores, in the long run will cause pores to expand and not be able to narrow. Therefore, people with oily or combination skin often have larger pores than other skin types.

Because this skin type has a strong oil secretion activity, besides the skin must open the pores to secrete oil, this same amount of oil also absorbs and holds dirt, bacteria, and pores. That makes pores bigger.

3. Due to sweat

The cause of large pores is caused by sweat glands
The cause of large pores is caused by sweat glands

Similar to lubricants, sweat is also the cause large pores than. Because the skin has to open pores to sweat, over time, they cannot shrink back to their original size.

Therefore, you can see that athletes, people who are active people tend to have larger pores than others as well as large pores often concentrated in the nose area, T-zone on the face, because this has pretty strong perspiration activity.

4. Due to puberty hormones

This is because when entering puberty, because the change of hormones makes the oil secretion activity become stronger, when the facial cleansing activity is not clean, that is the cause of the pores. bigger.

5. Due to age

What causes skin pores to become larger?
Age is also the cause of large pores

Over time, as age increases, the activities in the body also gradually weaken. The body, the skin cannot synthesize itself collagen, estrogen, causing the skin to gradually lose its elasticity and inherent cohesion. When the layers of cushion under the skin gradually disappear, the pores also gradually sink and as a result, the pores look bigger on the outside.

6. External influences

External influences such as facial cleansing are not clean, do not remove all dirt, bacteria, oil and makeup on the skin, causing them to accumulate in the pores. Over time, the skin will appear problems such as acne, irritation and especially pores.

In addition, when the skin is affected by environmental factors: smoke, sun rays, .. from an unhealthy lifestyle, science is also an indirect cause of large pores. .

Ways to fix it

You can not be successful in a day or two in shrinking pores. This requires perseverance and patience in the process of taking care of your skin. Some ways to help shrink pores you can refer to:

  • Use special treatment products, with the effect of shrinking pores.
  • Applying cosmetic technology such as needle roller, laser, ... When choosing this method, you should choose reputable and quality aesthetic addresses to bring the best effect while limiting unnecessary risks. have.
  • Pay attention to the step of cleaning the skin, especially removing makeup to remove makeup, dirt, …
  • Use chemical exfoliating products to clean the skin, the stratum corneum.
  • Using primer before makeup steps to create a protective film for the skin, preventing makeup layers from entering the pores, which is also the cause of larger pores.
  • Apply sunscreen daily to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun's rays, protect the skin, anti-aging.
  • Moisturizing the skin, to limit oil secretion when the skin lacks water, lacks moisture. It also nourishes for younger looking skin.
  • Having the right skin care regimen, is a way to prevent large pores, maintained for a long time, you will see significantly improved skin, pores are also smaller than the original.
  • Diet and scientific activities also contribute to preventing and overcoming the condition of large pores. Eat lots of green vegetables, fruits, limit stimulants. Drink enough water every day. At the same time do not stay up late, stress, practice sports, ... are effective tips to help you have a smooth, white and pink skin.
Have a healthy diet
Have a healthy diet

Although it does not cause serious problems, large pores greatly affect facial aesthetics. Makes many women self-conscious about their skin. Understanding the causes can help you choose the most appropriate remedy. Hope this article brings useful knowledge to you. (Refer to the Thai women's skin care secrets Hottest today).

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