Dangers of Imitating TikToker Grateful Skin Care

Dangers of Imitating TikToker Skin Care

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in Vietnam today. Above, the content shared about TikToker skin care get the attention of a large number of viewers. However, the reality shows that imitation of TikToker's skin care has many dangers if there is no selection and verification.

Here are some caveats to the skin care trends on TikTok that you need to hold.

Dangers of Imitating TikToker Grateful Skin Care
What are the dangers of learning TikToker's skin care?

Notes When Imitating TikToker's Skin Care

1 Watch out for DIY skin care

Zeichner (associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York) and Lee (PhD - board-certified dermatologist in Los Angeles) both warn about this type of skin cancer. DIY skin care (do it yourself) on TikTok. Not everything natural is safer or more effective than traditional skin care products.

Such as:

  • Many TikTokers are promoting at-home needle roller kits, however this product can cause injury if not used correctly.
  • Home peeling methods need to contact a dermatologist first before performing.

2 Optimizing skin care routine

On TikTok, many celebrities share their 12-step skincare routine. However, this method is not suitable for all skin types – it is easy to overload the skin, cause acne or irritation.

Dr. Lee advises taking care of your skin slowly, carefully, with careful monitoring when starting to incorporate new products into your daily routine. Especially with products that cause irritation or redness (containing acids). kill death celk or retinoids).

Dangers of Imitating TikToker Grateful Skin Care
Should I optimize my skin care regimen?

3 Not all products are “all money – it’s yours”

High quality products are not necessarily expensive and vice versa. Associate Professor Zeichner pointed out that, although the cost of products is derived from their ingredients, the resale price depends on the costs of testing, production, packaging, marketing ...

Therefore, to be assured of product effectiveness, you should consult a dermatologist instead of expecting a high price - high quality.

4 Limit the use of products containing foreign ingredients

Users surfing TikTok on the topic of skin care may experience information overload, confusion between many conflicting opinions on how to treat - skin care.

However, Dr. Ivy Lee encourages users to focus on active ingredients, assessing the suitability of active ingredients with the skin to ensure effectiveness. Avoid getting caught up in unnecessary active ingredients/products – not suitable for your skin type/problem.

5 Beware of products that work immediately

Associate Professor Joshua Zeichner advises users to be cautious when seeing products with overnight benefits being promoted on TikTok. Because most skin care products/methods need a few weeks, months to take effect, instead of an immediate effect.

Dangers of Imitating TikToker Grateful Skin Care
Be wary of skin care products with immediate effects

Review Hot Skin Care Tips On TikTok

6 Apply Vaseline on the nose to remove blackheads

TikTok is widely sharing tips on using vaseline on the nose and steaming the face to remove blackheads. In fact, this procedure is not effective because the thickness of Vaseline easily clogs pores, making acne removal more difficult.

7 Keep the skin sufficiently hydrated to prevent aging

This secret is completely right because water plays an important role in skin health – keeping the skin plump and fresh. Well-moisturized skin, the ability to recover and regenerate faster; Prevent skin aging, for youthful skin.

8 Hair removal with Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning - using a razor to remove hairs and dead cells on the skin with the desire to have smooth skin and easy skincare and makeup. However, this procedure can damage the skin and should only be performed by professionals.

9 Apply cold to smooth skin

Many viral TikTok clips share the use of cold water for smooth skin. This way has the effect of increasing circulation, stimulating blood circulation to make the skin whiter, pinker, smoother.

10 Brighten with turmeric, milk and honey mask

The mixture of turmeric, milk and honey masks brings a good skin care effect because it contains many nutrients to help gently exfoliate, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory… However, it should only be applied with a frequency of 2-3 times a week. Pay attention to hygiene factors when performing.

Dangers of Imitating TikToker Grateful Skin Care
Nourish your skin with turmeric mask to help whiten your face naturally

11 Treat Acne with Zinc Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoo contains zinc and antifungal agents that effectively eliminate yeast on oily skin, relieve itching and reduce excess oil secretion. As a result, this product can be used to support the treatment of acne.

Just a few notes when imitating trends skin care on TikTok. Actually the beauty tips on TikTok It will be useful if you have a selection and reference from specialist channels. Hope you will be a wise TikTok user to protect - take care of your skin effectively.

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