If Lips Are Thick And Dark, Will Spraying Last Longer

If Lips Are Thick And Dark, Will Spraying Last Longer

|Q&A| If Lips Are Thick And Deep, Will Spraying Last Longer

Miss Tram VietNam and colleagues love to hear the wishes, share, ask and answer or even "complain" of customers so that we can find the most appropriate way to troubleshoot and solve.

Today, a customer came to our facility to discuss the method of beautifying the lips. The customer chose to spray collagen lips, but worried that her lips were thicker and darker than other customers, would it take a long time to do it? 

If Lips Are Thick And Dark, Will Spraying Last Longer
Thick and dark lips, will it take longer to spray?

This may also be the thoughts of many people, so Miss Tram thought I would share it with the community so everyone could know.

The time to spray lips at Miss Tram will normally range from 30 to 45 minutes. For customers with thick and dark lips, this time may be longer than 60-90 minutes depending on the degree of darkening of the lips:

The degree of darkening of the lips: The specialist will determine the condition of the lips, then treat with a neutral darkening solution, through a professional lip sprayer. The average light treatment time is about: minutes, the weight is about… (I don't know this, so please help me supplement)

After the treatment is complete, the specialist will proceed to spray the color selected by the customer.

During the cosmetic tattooing process, the experts will deliberately "cheat" the lip contour to the inside of the lips to make your lips look thinner. At the same time, this border area will be covered with a lighter color to deceive the eye.

In fact, the whole lip spray process is also quite fast, so to know exactly how long it takes to make your lips, how to go through the steps, Miss Tram is ready to help you schedule an exchange with a professional. join at one of the center's 2 addresses. Then, based on the specific condition of your lips, you will get the most accurate answer for you. (How to guide choose standard lip spray color for you).
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  • Spraying lips with Korean technology (blue edema for both men and women).
  • Spray Crystal Collagen Lips.
  • Spray the Queen's lips.
  • Spray Lips Stem Cells.
  • Sculpting lips micro whore.
  • Collagen crystal lip sculpture.
  • Stem cell lip sculpting.
  • Natural lip sculpting for men.
  • Treat dark spots and spray natural lips for both men and women.

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