What is the Best Tattoo Removal Method Currently Recognized

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What is the Best Tattoo Removal Method Currently Recognized

In recent years, the tattoo trend is no longer strange to young people. Tattoos not only show personality, but sometimes also express hopes, ambitions or other messages of the owner.

However, tattoo ink can fade over time, outdated tattoo patterns make young people want to change to newer motifs or want to completely remove the tattoo.

So what is the most effective - safe - best tattoo removal method today?

Miss Tram quickly scores through some tattoo removal methods on the market:

– Erase with solution

– Tattoo removal

- Remove with cream or medicine….

Although these methods can still remove tattoos, the effectiveness is not high and the rate of deep sequelae is not high. Therefore, the appearance of YAG Laser tattoo removal technology becomes the brightest "savior".

YAG laser is considered a step forward in modern tattoo removal solutions because of its high safety and effectiveness.

YAG Laser tattoo removal technology uses a new generation of American laser, which is a short pulse type combined with 4 wavelengths of 1.064 nm, 585 nm, 650 nm and 532 nm. The diversity in wavelengths allows the laser to penetrate deep inside the skin surface, actively working on all layers from the surface to the epidermis, dermis and dermis, helping to remove tattoo ink completely. and safe.

– Not only can remove tattoos using dark ink colors such as black, dark blue, dark purple… The YAG laser also removes hard-to-remove colors such as blue, red, pink… or 3D tattoos. In particular, they are defaulted to not reacting on the bright yellow color of the skin, so in the surrounding skin, the laser only passes through without causing a reaction.

– The efficiency of this method is up to 95%, completely leaving no scars like conventional methods.

Skin Care After Tattoo Removal

YAG Laser tattoo removal technology has been trusted by many customers at Miss Tram over the past time. How about you? If you want to find out and answer questions about the service, don't hesitate to ask Miss Tram questions right away!
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