What time of day should I go to get a tattoo? Open your eyes

What time of day should I go to get a tattoo?


What time of day should I go to get a tattoo? Open your eyes

Very important question for customers as well as consultants and beauticians. And as everyone knows, in the evening, our blood will be slightly thinner, so it will be difficult to eat squid, color and numb, so the best time Miss Tram proposes is from 9 am to 4 pm.

  • It is mandatory for the lips to be before 4pm to ensure safety as well as help the lip color to have an evenness and clarity.
  • For you and your eyelids, you can still do it after 4pm, but if you can go early, take advantage.

Care for the skin after spraying properly

  • The first is that after spraying, you absolutely do not let this skin area get dirty, easy to cause infection. Next, it is necessary to limit the exposure of water to affect the ink color.
  • After tattooing, you should clean and apply ointment according to the doctor's instructions to ensure the best color.
  • It is necessary to drink a lot of water, eat vegetables containing many vitamins, especially vitamin C, so that the tattoo spray heals quickly and has the most beautiful natural color.
  • Although spraying, sculpting, embroidery does not hurt the skin, it is best to abstain from soy sauce or other stimulants to avoid affecting the ink color.
  • When the spray is peeling, you absolutely do not scratch or peel off the scabs that affect the skin.
  • During the first month after embroidery, you should not use powder or pencil to paint over the embroidered eyebrows and eyelids, as well as limit the use of lipstick to the maximum extent.
  • You should follow the instructions of the tattoo experts to get the most effective tattoo spray.

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