Should or Shouldn't Take Vitamin C to Reduce Dark Spots Interesting

Should Or Shouldn't Take Vitamin C Reduce Deep

Similar to "brothers" in the same group, Vitamin C is a nutrient that promotes the ability to treat dark spots caused by acne or aging. However, when abused, this vitamin can cause users to have kidney stones, stomach pain or anaphylaxis.

Experiences When Using Vitamin C To Help Reduce Dark Spots

Should supplement with Vitamin C

Unlike other animals, humans cannot produce Vitamin C on their own. But without this vitamin, the body will face many diseases. In which Scurvy (scurvy) is a disease caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C, often manifesting under symptoms such as bleeding gums, difficult-to-heal wounds or extensive bruises.

Vitamin C Helps Reduce Dark Spots
Vitamin C

For the skin, this vitamin is necessary to produce collagen with a strong structure. Clinical studies have proven that Hydroxyproline is a key ingredient that plays a very important role in the stability of Collagen. Hydroxyproline is created by modifying Proline as the Collagen chain is built. This process requires Vitamin C to bind the amino acid proline molecule and also to supplement oxygen.

As long as Collagen is really firm, it will have a very positive effect on the skin. According to TS.BS Hoang Khanh Toan, Head of Oriental Medicine Department, 108 Military Central Hospital, it is estimated that from the age of 25 onwards, each year, the body loses about 1-1,5% of the amount of Collagen (even the number has can increase if we do not have a reasonable body care regime). When this substance is lacking, the body gradually appears cardiovascular problems, weakened immune system ... In particular, the skin will sag, less elastic, dark spots and many wrinkles.

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Used… but don't abuse

To achieve your goal there are many paths to choose from. If you want to get Vitamin C into your body, you can apply it in many ways. Want Vitamin C to help reduce dark spots and beautify you can use specialized synthetic forms. However, you should not abuse vitamin C, and should not take it daily for a long time for the following reasons:

Using vitamin C to help reduce dark spots
Do not overuse Vitamin C to reduce dark spots

In the small intestine, Vitamin C is absorbed very quickly, when saturated, the excess will be excreted in the urine very quickly. And that's why you will be at risk of kidney stones. if you take 1g of Vitamin C every day for a long time. For people with a history of stomach pain, taking a lot of vitamin C will make stomach pain worse. The dosage of 45mg Vitamin C/day is the recommended level, but it is best to follow the instructions of your doctor.

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Using vitamin C to help reduce dark spots

Fresh vegetables are also the best source of Vitamin C.

  • Firstly, it is to help us have an appetite, not to create a psychological need to take medicine.
  • Secondly, the outstanding advantage is that Vitamin C in vegetables and fruits is in complex form with Pectins and Flavonoids - compounds that both protect and stabilize the activity of Vitamin C.
  • Third, in the complex with Pectin because of its very high molecular weight, Vitamin C is eliminated through the urine quite slowly, ie, after 12 hours, only an amount of 1/7 is excreted compared to synthetic Vitamin C.
  • Fourth, with the presence of Flavonoids in vegetables, vitamin C is stored longer by the body, especially in the adrenal glands.

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However, the vitamin C content in vegetables is unevenly distributed, with more in the skin than in the intestine, more in the leaves than in the stem and stem. In meals, you must know how to prepare vitamin C, helping the body absorb better. Hope some share on of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center has provided more useful knowledge for you!

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