Where Should I Sculpt Lips Beautifully? All

Where Should I Sculpt Lips Beautifully?

Micro-lip sculpting has the ability to give women a fresh, smooth and extremely natural lips. Compared with other tattooing methods, micro-lip sculpting stands out with many outstanding advantages. However, not all facilities are capable of implementing this technology, because it is complicated and requires high criteria. If we can't find the place "Choose the face to send gold", we will face many risks when beautifying with this technology.

Where Should I Sculpt Lips Beautifully? All

Where Should I Sculpt Lips?

How is microscopic lip sculpting different from other methods

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In lip beauty, we hear a lot about tattooing and spraying. The methods have the following characteristics:

  • Lip tattoo is a form of using a specialized tattoo needle to go deep into the dermis to put ink in
  • Spray lips using a sprayer with a micro-needle, gently impacting the surface of the lips only about 0,1mm to help the ink penetrate.

These are two beauty methods that are chosen by many people because of their popularity and "soft" cost. Compared to traditional tattooing, spraying is more advanced because the needle is less invasive, does not damage the lips and oxidizes the ink over time. Moreover, the pain when performing is also much reduced, lip sprayers can quickly return to their daily work.

Although the familiar lip tattoo, lip spray has many improvements, the perfection may still not satisfy the fastidious customers. And with the great development of science and technology today, another advanced aesthetic form was born. That is micro-lip sculpting.

Where should I spray my lips beautifully in Ho Chi Minh City?
Safe lip spray technology at Miss Tram

Micro-lip sculpting on the one hand overcomes all limitations encountered by the old tattoo spray form, on the other hand, develops lip sculpting technology to a new level. By combining the micro-lip injection technique and the sculpting method with the micro-blade to deliver the ink in an arc to spread the beads onto the skin, the technology has created a true aesthetic "masterpiece".

Lips undergoing micro-sculpting possess an extremely natural look from contour to ink color. The lip shape is calibrated, and the lips have beautiful smoothness and standard color over a long period of time.

This is a new technology, with a price difference compared to traditional tattoo spray, but the results obtained will make you satisfied. Therefore, more and more customers choose micro-lip sculpting to "refurbish" their beauty.

+ Note: Lip Sculpting Ever Sprayed Does It Need To Remove The Old Color

Criteria for choosing micro-lip sculpting facility

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If you want to sculpt micro-lips, want to have smooth and youthful lips, you absolutely must find out carefully before choosing an implementation facility. Because this is a new technology, requiring complicated techniques, not all centers can meet:

  1. Micro-lip sculpting must use a special carving knife to smooth each stroke to bring ink into the skin. The sculpting line must have a reasonable depth of depth, so that the ink will stick evenly and won't hurt the lips. Not to mention, when the ink is down, you have to follow the arc to spread the seeds on the skin in combination with micro-lip spray. This technique is quite complicated, so it requires experts and skilled artisans who have been trained and experienced to perform. Thus, the new lips will have a beautiful, natural and harmonious color standard; at the same time does not cause pain, invasive lip damage.
  2. Facilities, machinery and equipment must meet prescribed standards. This will help bring about the most perfect results, minimizing possible risks.
  3. Sculpture ink must be high-quality ink, natural ingredients, completely free of metals. Using this ink, the new lips will be smooth, not oxidized or darkened.
  4. In addition to sculpting to put ink into the skin, this technology must balance the shape of the lips, overcoming most of the defects to really beautiful lips.

+ Note: Advantages of Micro Lip Sculpting

Based on the above criteria, you should choose for yourself a prestigious cosmetic and lip sculpting center. Careful in choosing will help us limit risks and get the beautiful pair we want.

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Currently, among the beauty centers that many people choose to beautify their lips, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center must be mentioned. Miss Tram has more than 15 years of experience in the profession, with a team of highly skilled professionals, and is invested in modern machinery and equipment. Successfully transferring micro-lip sculpting technology, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center confidently helps her customers own the perfect lips as expected.

All of the above criteria for lip sculpting as well as in other cosmetic fields, Miss Tram meets well. Therefore, you can safely give your trust to Miss Tram.

+ Note: Miss Tram Guide How To Treat Deep Lips Perfectlyn

If you need more information or want more complete advice, do not hesitate to contact Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center via hotline 1900 7018. Miss Tram experts will support you quickly and promptly.

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