Beautify lips: Should choose which lip cosmetic method is right for you: with each type of lips, thickness - thin, each degree of lip depth?

*Need To Understand Before Doing: Difference Between Lip Tattoo, Lip Spray And Lip Sculpting.
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On cosmetic market Currently, there are many methods as well as different names for lip beautification. Because of the diversity of technology, many women are confused when choosing. This article Expert at Beauty Institute Miss Tram will analyze in detail about these 3 technologies. Please read to the end of the article to choose for yourself suitable lip beautification method Save time and money!

Similarities of Tattoo, Spray , and Lip Sculpture:

  1.   All 3 methods help you own a beautiful lip color without having to apply lipstick every day;
  2.   You will be harmonized by a specialist in lip alignment because not everyone is born with a beautiful lip shape;

So what is the difference between the above 3 beauty technologies?

1) Traditional Lip Tattoo Method?

With traditional lip tattoo, the specialist will use a needle to pierce the horny layer, then apply it evenly tattoo ink or dip the tip of the needle into the ink first and then roll it onto the skin. Color after Lip tattoo will be darker, tattoo ink is not very natural, when looking at it is easy to detect aesthetic traces.

 Advantages of traditional lip tattoo:

  • Cheaper
  • Lip color lasts a long time, usually lip tattoo will keep for 10-20 years

 Disadvantages of traditional lip tattoo:

  • Because of the deep invasiveness during the procedure, it causes pain and swelling for many days after the procedure.
  • Requires taking time to rest, abstinence in eating & living.
  • The lip color is opaque so it doesn't look natural, the lip tattoo is clearly printed with the border, a bit old after doing it.
  • Lips are often peeling and uneven in color because the lip tattooing process is continuously invasive, the tattoo needles are quite strong, so it is difficult to get the ink evenly.
  • Infection is easy to happen, so choose a reputable facility that has a serious equipment sterilization process.

Execution time: 90 – 180 minutes depending on the facility and the specialist

 Cost: From 800.000 VND to 1.500.00 VND (depending on the facility)


The biggest difference between lip spray and traditional lip tattoo is the depth of impact on the skin epidermis. If lip tattooing is a deeply invasive tattoo needle process, lip spray uses a sprayer with a needle tip with a depth of 0,2mm, on top of which an ink bulb is attached to gently spray on the lips.

 Lip spray advantages:

  • The color speed of the needle is extremely fast, the ink color is used depending on the lip color and skin color of each person, so that it is the most suitable.
  • After spraying, you will easily have a beautiful, natural, sexy lips, no pain, no bleeding, no invasive, no downtime.
  • Results last 3-5 years depending on each person's location

 Cons of lip spray:

  • It is necessary to perform darkening and coloring 2-3 times to be standard and durable depending on the location of the skin and the degree of dark lips of each case.
  • Requires an experienced professional to color and adjust the lips to be beautiful

Execution time: 45 – 120 minutes depending on the facility and the specialist

Treatment cost: From 1.000.000 VND to 4.000.000 VND (depending on the intensity and implementation facility)
Cost of lip color: : From 1.00.000 VND – 7.000.00 VND (depending on the facility and ink quality)

today, lip spray in application micro-touch spray technology. Micro-touch lip spray technology is understood in the simplest sense as using a micro-point nozzle, promoting the epidermis and gently helping the ink adhere to the surface of the lips, not invading the lip epidermis like some old tattooing methods in the past.

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Join Miss Tram to review the difference between the 3 most typical Lip Spray Techniques today:

Method I: Spray the Korean Crystal Technology

  • Lip color up in nature, keep the color quite stable
  • The lip shape is balanced in harmony with the face gently
  • The cost is quite low, affordable.

Normally, the package of deep absorption + color on crystal lips in nature only ranges from 2.000.000 VND to 3.500.000 VND.

- Spray crystal lips It will be a bit dry and the lip color is not smooth, especially for those of you with wrinkled, or dry lips, after spraying crystal lips, you must regularly condition or apply vaseline to moisten your lips.

However, there is one interesting thing Spray crystal lips is the first choice of "beard color" because crystal lip spray for men meets the criteria of naturalness.

The specialist will conduct a complete darkening treatment, that's why the lip color is natural. With men, lip color selected will be a natural light tone, mainly so that the lips are not pale or dark, not as dark as female lip tones.

See more details about Spray lips natural crystal for menhttps://thammymisstram.vn/phun-moi-xam-moi-pha-le-tu-nhien-cho-nam/

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Method II: Collagen Lip Spray – Stem Cell Lip Spray

  • Spray lip collagen is a combination of crystal lip spray technology and natural collagen essence to give Collagen essence inside the lips, helping you own smooth, soft lips.
  • Similarly, stem cell lip spray is the process of adding stem cells into the ink and the spraying process helps in cases where the lips have been repeatedly made or cracked or bleeding, aging lips help regenerate youthful lip skin, increase elasticity. restore and color standard, youthful.

The cost of collagen lip spray - Stem cells is only higher than crystal lip spray about 500,000 VND - 1,500,000 VND.

For your lips who often peel or have signs of aging This nutrient should be added.

>> See more details about Spray lips collagen: https://thammymisstram.vn/hut-tham-phun-moi-collagen-vi-cham-cho-nu/

Method Spray the Queen's lips

The most obvious difference of Lip Spray Queen is the quality of ink & warranty policy.

  • Spray the Queen's lips Using 100% organic ink from natural herbs, absolutely no chemicals or metals
  • Color fastness of Queen's lips up to 5 - 10 years, known as the super-sticky micro-touch lip spray method. Satisfy the desire to have Natural lip color - Painless - Durable - Safe An of even the most demanding guests.
  • The Queen's Care Policy: With Spray the Queen's lips at Miss Tram, you will be supported to change the color as you like for 2 years 100% FREE unlimited number of times.
  • What I like most is that the lip color is smooth, bright, luxurious, and naturally youthful.

The cost of intensive treatment + Spraying Queen's lips is quite high, usually ranging from 5.000.000 VND to 8.000.000 VND, but many women choose it because of the ink quality and beauty that this technology brings.

Queen's Lips Selected for its smoothness, elegance and natural youthfulness


It is a technology that uses a special engraving knife with a micro-blade to bring the ink in an arc to spread particles on the combined skin Micro-lip injection create smoothness and fast color adhesion. This is a modern technique of creating lip color combined with correcting defects in lip shape, micro-pointing lip sculpting capable of quickly coloring and correcting.

 Advantages of micro-lip sculpting:

  • Quick implementation time, at Miss Tram only 30-40 minutes to complete
  • Lip color up quickly and color standard
  • Beautiful natural lip shape, light and fresh lines
  • Lips are smooth because the ink is spread evenly to each corner of the lips
  • The process is gentle, the peeling time is fast (only 2 days after the procedure), there is no downtime, no swelling or pain.
  • Results last 4 to 10 years depending on the quality of the ink used

Light and fresh lip sculpting lines

 Disadvantages of micro-lip sculpting:

  • Currently this is Lip beauty technology has the highest cost because of the difficulty of implementation
  • Requires Execution Specialist to be good at expertise
  • Must find the right reputable facility to perform to avoid having to deal with many times.

Execution time: 30 - 90 minutes depending on the facility and the implementation specialist (the time taken at Miss Tram only ranges from 30-40 minutes)

Treatment cost: From 1.000.000 VND to 4.000.000 VND (depending on the intensity)

Cost of lip color: From 3.000.000 VND to 12.000.00 VND (depending on the facility and ink quality)

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Spray standard natural lip color
Spray standard natural lip color

Above we have detailed the advantages and disadvantages of 3 Lip Tattoo Technology. Lip Spray , and Lip Sculpture The current. If you have any private questions, please leave your information below or CALL NOW Hotline to meet Experts at Miss Tram completely free consultation .


  1. You get to hear your favorite lip color wishes and your own personal consultant;
  2. You are Expert GREAT, as a direct training teacher, absolutely do not let new technicians or trainees work for guests;
  3. You are in possession of the mode Mileage Support 100% Free within 1-2 years (unlimited mileage) if you want to change the lip color as you like;
  4. You have customer service at Miss Tram support guidance, listen to opinions and make an appointment to check until you are completely satisfied;
  5. You will receive unexpected beauty gifts when you accompany or introduce friends and relatives to experience the service at Miss Tram.

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[Frequently Asked Questions When Beautifying Lips]

Question 1. Will my lips become dark from birth, because I heard that congenital darkening cannot be treated at all?

Hi E, previously with old lip tattoo technique it is true that with congenital dark lips after making the color up, it will be uneven, opaque and not clear because the dark part below is still there. However, with today's advanced micro-lip injection technology, it is completely possible to solve the case of congenital dark lips E. I think her lips were also very dark before

In order for the lip color to be clear, so natural, before applying lip color, the specialist will conduct gentle darkening for you, absolutely no pain! E peace of mind. The darkening process will take from 1 to 5 weeks depending on the dark condition of each of you, where the color goes up. After 2 months, I will have an appointment to check back to get the standard color.

Question 2. My name is Tuyet in the US, I will go back to Vietnam soon to visit my relatives, but I have only been back for less than 2 months, will I have time to make my lips beautiful, maybe it will take a long time to come back?

Hello, Miss Tram also has the grace to beautify many of you from other countries, and similar to Tuyet, you only have a relatively short time in Vietnam. In this case, you should definitely invest in making Queen ink quality because only Queen ink quality has good adhesion, durable color, smooth smoothness right from the first time. At the same time, before going back to your home country, you can arrange to visit the Center to be checked again soon.

Question 3. Hello, my lips are not dark, do I need to treat them because I see that my lips are not dark?

Hi E, if your lip base is not dark at all, you don't need to treat it. However, similar to Vy's little lips I sent you below, the bottom of the lower lip is naturally pink but not dark, but the edge and upper lip are still slightly dark. If you do not treat the dark, the lip color will be uneven between the upper lip - the lower lip or the inside of the lips and the contour of the lips. Therefore, the cost of intensive treatment will range from 1,000,000 VND to 4,000,000 VND depending on the level of intensity of each customer.

Question 4. Why do I see only a few hundred thousand in my hometown, but I read the article that the cost of making lips is so high?

Hey E, as I analyzed above, depending on the quality of the ink as well as the technology, the cost will vary from place to place. If E wants to make lips to color up, print borders, opaque colors and not standard colors, the cost will be as low as E said.

However, Miss Tram also honestly shared that "what's your money" because the cost of making lips is equivalent to the quality of the ink attached, the skill of the performer as well as the warranty support and responsibility of the Center. . Depending on your economic conditions, E can choose the right technique and ink because doing a few hundred but not beautiful editing will take time, cost and pain!

Question 5. Hi Miss Tram, I have done it on my lips but I don't like the color and want to go to my place to redo it, do I need to delete the old color? And I read above that there is lip sculpting, is lip sculpting the same as eyebrow sculpting?

Hi, in case your lips are already in another place, you should let the Expert handle the old color and then apply a new color to help the new color to be standard, even and in the lips. Currently, with advanced American lip treatment technology, you can rest assured that you won't have to spend time going back and forth as well as pain, handling old ink colors and applying new lip colors in one go!

Her second suggestion is that she is interested in lip sculpting technology. Lip sculpting technology is completely different from eyebrow sculpting, eyebrow sculpting is a technique to create thin, smooth eyebrows naturally in the direction of real eyebrows, while lip sculpting technology is a technology using a specialized carving knife. Special with micro-blade to bring the ink in an arc to spread particles on the skin combined with Micro-point lip spray to create smoothness and fast color adhesion. This is a modern technique of creating lip color combined with correcting defects in lip shape, micro-point lip sculpting that can quickly color up and get the right color!

Question 6: Hello Center, I have a delicate question that I want to ask, does Spraying lips lose feeling when kissing? I heard people say breast augmentation about loss of sensation, so I'm worried about whether spraying my lips will have any effect? Quynh Anh - District 1

Miss Tram hello E, Quynh Anh's question is very practical and interesting, so the Center immediately added to the question section when beautifying lips for everyone to refer to!

You can rest assured that Spraying lips will not affect the feeling of kissing! This is a technology to treat darkening and natural lip color with micro-touch technique, completely without damage or invasive, so E envisions just gliding on the surface of the lips. Not only does it not affect the feeling of kissing, but I think when E's lips are no longer dark, but in exchange for a natural pink lip color, E will be more beautiful, E is also more confident, no longer have to worry. Does it lose lip color when kissing anymore?