Squeeze Pimples Hidden Under The Skin Without Scars, No Skin Infections Wrapped up

Squeeze Acne Hidden Under The Skin Without Scars, No Skin Infections

[Share] Great way to squeeze acne hidden under the skin without leaving a scar, without causing skin infection

Squeeze Pimples Hidden Under The Skin Without Scars, No Skin Infections Wrapped up

It can be said that hidden acne is one of the most difficult and stubborn types of acne in the family of acne. They are located deep, tight in the hair follicle, often grow in clusters and are quite small in size, so it is difficult to recognize with the naked eye, making your facial skin always rough and unnatural.

This is the reason for "itchy eyes, itchy hands" for girls. However, if not properly treated or squeezed, it will be very easy to get infected, from which the risk of leaving bruises, scars, and moles is very high.

Common places where acne appears on the face:

+ Forehead: appears mainly due to problems with the poor digestive system (indigestion, constipation ...) or caused by some other causes such as: sleeping late, stress, anxiety, bad mood, eating too many foods containing sugar, wearing makeup but not removing makeup thoroughly, irritating hair products, bacteria from the scalp, hair, pillows… Moreover, the forehead, nose and chin area are quite sensitive areas, Sebaceous glands are overactive, so acne is easily produced.

+ Both cheeks: related to the lungs, due to the lungs inhaling polluted air. In addition, external agents such as bacteria on phones and pillows or poor oral hygiene are also the causes of acne hidden under the skin.

+ Chin: related to the health of the small intestine, hot liver, accumulation of large amounts of toxins.

Therefore, in case of force majeure, it is not possible to go to the dermatologist for examination and advice, then squeezing acne at home is temporarily acceptable, but always remember to adhere to the following notes that Miss Tram will reveal to you. you below:

+ Clean the acne squeezer clean and use it to gently press on the head of the acne. If the acne is too hard, you can use a needle to gently prick the tip of the acne so that it can be removed more easily.

+ When the acne is out, you wipe your skin and wash your face with warm water.

Use rose water to apply on the skin surface to balance the necessary moisture for the skin and tighten pores.

>>> Related Articles: What to Eat, What to Avoid with Hidden Acne To thoroughly treat hidden acne, in addition to understanding and taking care of your skin properly, you need to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Note: If you find that after squeezing the acne, there is swelling, redness, or prolonged itching, you must quickly see a dermatologist for timely examination!

Wishing you success and soon get your dream skin back!
Skin care and treatment methods at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center:

  • Acne - Darkening - Fractional CO2 Laser Pore Tightening.
  • Treatment of pitted scars by the method of Separating the bottom of the scar + Oriental Medicine Regenerating the skin.
  • Treatment of Acne - Darkening - Pore Scars - Skin Recovery - Even skin tone - Bright and smooth.
  • Tighten pores, whiten skin with new generation Laser.
  • Regulate sebum, whiten bright, eliminate skin toxins.
  • Treatment of keloid scars by microneedling collagen regeneration method.
  • Remove melasma at the root with Yag Laser technology.
  • Pre-wedding skin care.
  • ...

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