Why does Melasma appear in the mouth area of ​​the insider

Why does Melasma appear in the mouth area?

Melasma in the mouth area This is not an uncommon condition, and it causes us to lose our inherent beauty and confidence. Not to mention, melasma in this area shows that the aging process is happening quickly with you or the skin is suffering a lot of damage. Let's Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center learn through type melasma This is also the most effective treatment for you!

The Causes Of Melasma In The Mouth And The Most Effective Way To Remove Melasma

Causes of melasma in the mouth area

Melasma It is an overproduction of melanin pigment in the skin, causing certain areas of the skin to darken. According to researchers, melasma is divided into 3 main groups:

  • Epidermal melasma: is a type of melasma that appears in patches, uneven in color with hyperpigmentation from light to dark. This type of melasma feeds only on the epidermis and the outermost layer of skin.
  • Melasma: Dark spots that often form on the forehead, chin, or cheeks. Melasma is concentrated in clusters, dark in color with the size of each spot larger than the tip of the wand.
  • Mixed melasma: is a combination of the two types of melasma above, and at the same time, melasma is deeply rooted in the dermis which is difficult to remove.
Causes of melasma in the mouth area
Causes of melasma in the mouth area

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Melasma in the mouth area Initially, it may be small, scattered spots, then spread to plaques and "invade" the entire area around the mouth. When melasma of this type, the aesthetics of the face will be greatly affected, and if not promptly treated, the condition may become more and more serious.

In addition to hormonal factors, the environment and the habit of using cosmetics are the main causes of skin pigmentation. Under the impact of sunlight containing UV rays, ultraviolet rays that you do not take measures to shield, do not use sunscreen to protect, will cause melanin to increase. In addition, the use of cosmetics of unknown origin, poor quality or not careful skin makeup can promote melasma formation.

Inherently melasma can appear in many places on the face such as cheeks, forehead or chin. However, due to the thin skin structure of the mouth area, it produces less sebum, so this area is easily affected by environmental and hormonal factors. Therefore, the rate of people with melasma around the mouth is also very high.

Causes of melasma in the mouth area

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How to remove melasma in the mouth area effectively

As mentioned above, melasma is the phenomenon of increased melanin production that causes darkened skin. Depending on the location of each person, the condition of melasma will be different, specifically some people have melasma just outside the skin, some people have melasma deep into the dermis.

With years of experience in treating melasma, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Although melasma in the mouth area does not go deep into the skin, it is also a difficult type of melasma to treat. Methods such as applying masks, using special treatment products can affect the skin, bring about some degree of effectiveness.

When facing this situation, you can use lemon, honey and turmeric mask on your skin regularly. Persistence in implementation, we will reduce the melasma somewhat. However, it must be admitted frankly that the effective time is quite long and the success rate cannot reach 100%.

how to remove melasma in the mouth area
How to remove melasma in the mouth area effectively

If you want to completely remove melasma in the mouth area, the only way is thanks to the intervention of modern technologies. And the technology that Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center successfully transferred from Germany is the YAG laser. YAG laser with deep impact, flexible wavelength helps to break the pigment bonds, making them automatically destroy and fade. After a certain course of treatment, the melasma will quickly be completely eliminated.

The YAG laser is completely non-invasive, leaving no side effects, effectively preventing melasma from returning as well as supporting skin nourishment from deep within. This is a special thing that other methods cannot commit. Therefore, you can choose this method to treat your skin condition.

For more complete advice on technology, more understanding of the treatment process at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center you can contact via hotline 1900 7018. Or spend a little time going to the center, experts will directly check your condition, then suggest the most reasonable course.

With modern technology and solid expertise of a team of experts - KTV, Miss Tram will help you clear away melasma in the mouth area, return a youthful and radiant look so that you can love life more and be more confident anytime, anywhere.

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