Postpartum Melasma Goes Out On Its Own Or Does It Have To Be Treated

Postpartum Melasma Goes Out On Its Own Or Does It Have To Be Treated

|Q&A| Postpartum Melasma Goes Out On Its Own Or Does It Have To Be Treated

Last week, Miss Tram VietNam had the opportunity to talk and interact with many mothers after giving birth and taking care of the baby. Most of them have something in common and worry about the problem MELASMASpecifically, will the melasma go away on its own or will it have to be treated?

Postpartum Melasma Goes Out On Its Own Or Does It Have To Be Treated
Does postpartum melasma need treatment?

To answer your questions, Miss Tram would like to create a topic to share information about this issue!

– The cause of this condition is due to changes in hormone regulation of skin pigmentation, hormonal disorders, along with the impact of weather and environmental factors… suffer from skin pigmentation.

If you leave it like this, melasma CAN NOT go away on their own, but need to undergo treatment to be able to improve. You can refer to the following ways:

Method 1: Treatment on the skin

  • That is, it will act on the surface of the skin with masks with natural ingredients, supplementing nutrients on the skin to reduce dark spots. In addition, you can also use special cream to treat dark spots, but you must choose a quality cream with a clear origin to ensure safety for the skin.
  • With this approach, the darkening only reduces, but cannot be completely eliminated, and we have to be really persistent to see the effect.

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Method 2: Using drugs and functional foods

According to Miss Tram, there are quite a lot of drugs in both Eastern and Western medicine with the effect of supplementing natural hormones, preventing the formation of melanin, locking the root of melasma, eliminating melasma from the skin. inside out.

However, the effect still only stops at fading melasma and must be used for a long time to see any effect.

Method 3: Laser treatment of dark spots - highly effective, supported by many women

There are 2 "extremely HOT" methods to treat dark spots effectively, safely and without affecting health that Miss Tram would like to introduce: Fractional CO2 Laser technology and YAG Laser:

  • Fractional CO2 Laser technology uses CO2 lasers with a wavelength of 10.600 nm, capable of penetrating deep into the dermis without causing invasion of the surrounding healthy skin, breaking the link between melasma and freckles. At the same time, it stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells, making the skin smoother and brighter.
  • YAG laser using 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths will help remove pigment causing pigmentation, freckles completely and completely. Not only that, blue light also stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells, promoting synthesis collagen makes skin white, smooth, fresh and rosy.

With the methods shared here, Miss Tram hopes that nursing mothers will no longer be too worried about their dark skin. Please rest assured to take care of your health and take care of your baby. Your skin, just let Miss Tram take care of it!

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  • Spirulina treatment helps whiten smooth, tighten pores.
  • Implant nano diamond thread.
  • CO2 mask detoxifies the skin.
  • Skin rejuvenation with salmon DNA electrophoresis.
  • Brightening skin with Activated Carbon Laser.
  • Remove puffiness, wrinkles, slim face and body with Exilis technology.
  • Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, V-Line slimming with Hifu S + technology.
  • Regulate sebum, whiten, remove skin toxins by biological light technology.
  • Acne treatment with Fractional CO2 Laser + Exclusive herbal oriental medicine package.
  • Tattoo removal with Yag laser technology.

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