Can Melasma Be Cured?

Causes of Melasma. Answer the Question with Miss Tram

Can Melasma Be Cured?

Melasma There is no cure? This is a question that many readers have sent in Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. The leading estheticians at Miss Tram will help you answer this question, please follow the article below for more useful information.

How to treat melasma safely
What is melasma? The cause and the safest and most effective treatment for melasma

Things to know about skin pigmentation

First of all, we need to understand what melasma is and what causes melasma. This is a very common skin disease in our country, often seen in women over 30 years old, especially those who are pregnant or after giving birth.

Melasma is a manifestation of a condition in which the melanin pigment is stimulated to overproduce, accumulate and distribute unevenly on the skin, causing the skin to appear abnormally dark areas. Melasma does not affect health, but it greatly affects aesthetics, making the skin ugly and making the "owner" less confident. (Refer to the foods not to eat when you have melasma for melasma treatment to take place successfully).

There are many causes of melasma on the skin, but the most common are the following:

Hormonal disorder

Pregnancy, lactation, perimenopause, etc. cause hormonal changes in the body, disturbance of metabolic processes and appearance of melasma.

Due to the sun

The sun is the cause of skin pigmentation
The sun is the cause of skin pigmentation

UVA and UVB rays that affect the skin will increase the formation of melanin, causing the skin to darken.

Using chemical creams

Using a lot of cosmetics containing harmful chemicals will cause the skin to be worn, easily damaged and formed melasma. (Tutorial How to treat endocrine melasma? safest and most effective today).

Can melasma be cured?

The answer Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center for you is HAVE. Melasma can be completely cured if you know how to apply the right method and persevere for a long time. There are many ways to treat melasma, each with certain advantages and disadvantages.

Use special cream to treat melasma

Quality creams will penetrate deep inside to affect melanin, break down melasma and eliminate them through the lymphatic system. However, for the most part, creams can only completely treat mild melasma on the epidermis, and for those deep into the dermis, the treatment will be extremely difficult.

Besides, the use of cream requires a long process and the right use of quality cream. Currently, on the market there are many fake cosmetic products of poor quality that can affect the health and wreak havoc on the user's skin.

Needle roller to treat melasma

Can melasma be cured?
Using the needle roller method to treat melasma

The second way is by needle rolling, using a roller with hundreds of tiny needles to create "false wounds", stimulating the skin to produce collagen and elastin.

Although it can help regenerate skin, fade scars and fade pigmentation, if not careful, the consequences it causes are extremely heavy. In addition to hurting the skin and causing infection, needle rollers can also pose a risk of transmitting infectious diseases as well as affecting the health of customers. With so many risks, needle roller is currently a method that many people show anxiety.

Using lasers

Melasma treatment with laser methods
Melasma treatment with laser methods

The third way is also rated as the most effective and safe way is to use sử YAG laser melasma treatment technology. This is a modern German technology capable of intensive treatment, removing melasma at the root without leaving any side effects on the skin. The principle of operation of this technology is to use 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths to penetrate deep into the skin, remove melanin pigment, and promote collagen formation, helping to rejuvenate the skin and effectively treat melasma.

However, the cost of YAG laser melasma treatment is quite high, along with very few units in our country that can provide this service. And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Proud to be one of those units.

As we have seen, melasma can be completely cured with proper use and proper skin care, which is really good news for people with melasma. Because the longer melasma is left, the more difficult it is to treat, so you need to regularly check your skin, detect melasma in time to have the right treatment.

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